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How large inflatable toys to buy both economical and safe products?

by:Powerful Toys     2020-03-31
When choosing large inflatable toys should pay attention to what place? Large inflatable toys manufacturers tell how you want to buy both economical and safe products. Large inflatable toys is currently a popular inflatable amusement equipment, inflatable chute generally assembled in slide, castle, rock climbing as one of the children's park, is one of the children's favorite amusement equipment, it is believed that are below the introduction of how to choose and buy large inflatable toys. 1, large inflatable toys, can be free combination, the connection part is alive, the material to be decided according to the economic input, single layer of glass is just the basic out products, imported engineering plastic inflatable toys with more units. The manufacturer shall have the general installation work on-site installation. 2, best choice at the same time with the following qualifications unit purchase slide: through the quality certification ( ISO9000-2000) Of the unit. Through environmental certification ( iso14001 - 2004) Of the unit. Through the national mandatory safety certification ( The 3 c certification) Of the unit. Some businessmen use up raw materials or defective materials instead of the original or the same things inside the amount of raw materials and less. 4, try to choose good reputation, full of qualification units to buy. Children, buy five slide, quality and safety is the first, parents awareness is quite high now.
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