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How does an airbag work?

by:Powerful Toys     2019-10-30
As a whole, we know that airbags can protect lives and remember that functions such as independent crisis braking are critical to the safety of residents.Nevertheless, how does the airbag work?Airbags are a key part of the car\'s welfare gear, and it is hard to imagine that in the absence of something dissipated around the entire cabin, the cutting-edge vehicle will be discharged.This is not the case, however.Who designed the airbag?The harsh license for the airbag discharged after contact with the vehicle guard returned to 1950 s, but until American experts, allan Breed produced a sensor and safety frame conceived by the airbag.
The Mercedes that showed the airbag at the beginning, right?Off-base.The Mercedes-Benz S-The class that was discharged in 1981 provided an airbagAnother option is that the function grab airbag is not an airbag, but the way it is pre-connected to the seat beltTighten to reduce contact power for tenants and airbags.To be sure, within 1970 seconds of pushing forward, the airbag frame has no seat belt restrictions (similar to the use of sodium superimposed force used today) within 1960 seconds of allowing the airbag to explode in 30 milliseconds.
These early airbags were provided by Ford, General Motors and Chrysler.However, alternatives with no seat belt restrictions ignore the popularity.In fact, many auto makers oppose the further development and more prominent use of airbags.
Some people push the use of airbags rather than seat belts, yet seat belts have won around the world as a mandatory benefit and have hindered the improvement of airbags.It was not until the arrival of the Porsche 944 Turbo in 1987 that the airbag and seat belt restriction frames were installed as standard hardware.Nevertheless, the installation of airbags on various vehicles did not become a thing until the age of 1990.
Where is the safety capsule cover?Depending on the number and type of airbags installed by your vehicle, they will basically hole in the back of the plastic folds when sending the airbags, with the aim of turning up and down.You can usually judge where the airbag is by representing the SRS mark of the supplementary restraint system, and the airbag is named SRS, because it recognizes that the seat belt will be an important safety highlight for vehicles with airbag help.How does the airbag start?Many people believe that the impact will lead to the organization of the airbag, but it is not obvious.
Or, it could be a sudden, rapid deceleration that triggers the sending, but that doesn\'t mean that knocking on the brakes can cause the airbag to communicate.The sensor used to distinguish \"effects\" that cause sudden and rapid de-acceleration is called the microcomputer system accelerometer.To keep it simple, there is a component inside the sensor that can estimate the deceleration and then send a flag to trigger the airbag.
This sensor should be used because the impact usually does not occur under controlled conditions in the accident test lab, and the rate is usually higher or lower than the repeatable accident test.In addition, with the advancement of innovation, the programming of airbag activation sensors is becoming more and more complicated.Today, airbag arrangement (depending on the multi-function airbag organization of the vehicle, usually related to advanced cars such as electric seats) the speed can be balanced according to the severity of the driver and the traveler, the position and speed of the effect/acceleration.
Did the air blow up the airbag?The early airbag was loaded with carbon dioxide, but was hit on the hand because it couldn\'t fill the package fast enough.At present, the airbag expands through sodium nitrate... When the sensor touches the chamber containing sodium nitrate, the charge explodes a start-up compound that breaks down and converts sodium nitrate into sodium metal and nitrogen gas-the gas blows the airbag up.
It takes only 30 milliseconds from the sensor to distinguish between deceleration and full expansion of the airbag, which is shorter than the time required to state \"30 milliseconds.The driver or traveler will hit the airbag that is now flat in 50 milliseconds.It is important that depending on where you live, such as the United States, Europe or Australia, the size and expansion capacity of your in-car airbag can be compared.
Regularly, US-Compared with the inherent airbags in Europe, the airbags of assembled cars are larger and more powerful.What happens when the airbag crashes?If you have the opportunity to express it with anyone affected by airbag inflation, they will tell you the residue in the small house.When the airbag expands, it starts to flatten quickly, which is why the driver/traveler is rocking.
When the airbag is emptied, the gas flows out from the vent at the back of the airbag, and when it goes through the air, it gradually becomes sodium carbonate, or heated soft drinks
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