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how do i turn off sprint voicemail?

by:Powerful Toys     2019-11-06
Voice mail enables callers to leave messages without being able to answer phone calls.
We all know that this feature is very valuable to us.
But there may be moments when you want to deactivate this feature.
Maybe someone keeps calling you and leaving unwanted voicemail messages and then needs you to check all of them one by one and throw them in the trash can.
Sprint allows users to turn off their voice mail.
Customers can do this by making a customer service call or performing several steps in the voice mail setup system.
You can call Sprint customer service.
For this reason, contact customer service or make a toll call by \"2 *\" on your mobile phonefree number.
The customer representative will talk to you.
Tell him/her that you want to disable the voicemail role from your call plan.
Ask how long it will take to update the phone and how long the caller will not be able to use the feature.
The second step after that, with your own voice --mail.
Now, when your Sprint voice mail is received, you need to press \"3 \".
\"This will redirect you to your personal options.
Then, say hello by \"2.
Greet by pressing \"1\" and then delete the voicemail by pressing \"3.
At the end of the third step, use a different phone to call your own phone number and check if voice mail is now disabled.
After disabling voice mail, your caller will receive a generic message informing them that you are not available.
Upon completion, the caller will not have the facility to leave you a message and they will only be able to call you back.
However, if the voicemail is still active, then you may allow Sprint more time to process your request and try again later.
If you are still facing a similar problem, please call Sprint customer service for help immediately.
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