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How do I select the operation sites large inflatable toys?

by:Powerful Toys     2020-04-17
How do I select the operation sites large inflatable toys? Run large inflatable toys when choosing operation sites, the operator must go through proper ways placed inflatable castles, through the relevant departments for approval, to choose good quality inflatable castle, equipment, and cannot be used under the bad weather inflatable trampoline, avoid the inflatable trampoline equipment and unexpected. In strict accordance with the manual installation equipment, storage. Site smoothly, as far as possible choose leisure entertainment places. Site should have a feeling that most of the operation is park, residential area, children, yes, are these places, as a business owner, abortion is money, if a prime locations without children for us is worthless. And as mentioned, the park may cause people to dislike, but you ever think, those who dislike? In addition to single had no children, and operational activities of the elderly? Park, for example, belong to the public, usually in the operator put the toys in the is through relationship. Is also in the children's main hub, is also the most easily provoked controversy. And controversial, we generally do not earn their money, any people take children go out to play will not has a great sense of resistance on the children's toys. Village, because the village population concentration. Generally a neighborhood mostly young people more today. As is in commonly after 80 under the condition of having children or have children, coupled with their attitude toward money to treat and to the child's value, district is now optional inflatable toys business place, but overall is not as the activities of the outside area. In public places like city neighborhood or around the village, the author house village, village beside the river have operators, and in the usual business also is very good. Inflatable toy mostly is to choose the outer operation, saves a lot of the rent fee, 2 it is to see it's uncertain location management on a regular basis. But also have a few individual business indoors, children's park on collocation also is right choice. As the operator, should not to think about all the attitude, we can't meet the needs of all people, some people say that like we do, some people say that don't like the idea of we withdraw. Everything in the world there are two sides, so, as long as someone like not all don't like, so we have reasons to continue operating. Operator can according to their own economic situation, if can't pay the rent fees, can take turns in a local business, as far as possible to rent a fixed place, the field of traffic, as their source of customers are also more stable. To select park, community, children's place as much as possible. Ensure that they have a fixed passenger flow, fixed income.
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