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How dirty cleaning inflatable castle? Inflatable castle cleaning method

by:Powerful Toys     2020-04-23
How dirty cleaning inflatable castle? Inflatable inflatable castle castle cleaning method although operators are required, the children go up and take off your shoes when you need, such as the large number of people but for pleasure, will be dirty. If does not carry on the inflatable castle cleaning, children play on for a while, not clean hands soon dirty, look at this & other; Coal & throughout; The same hands, the kid's parents can not but worry about? How is the inflatable castle since to clean, the cleaning method of correctly? First of all, we all know that inflatable castle is composed of PVC clip net cloth stitching, PVC materials have certain alkali tolerance, but it is better to use clear water and neutral detergent for cleaning, of course, warm water decontamination effect is better. Inflatable castle typeof and inflatable water slides are not the same, so also not too frequent cleaning, cleaned once a month or so or according to their own situation to cleaning, cleaning time be careful not to let dishcloth above have too much water. Inflatable castles have to dry after cleaning, avoid sutures wet rupture. Inflatable castle, after cleaning products not only look brand-new, and clean, children play more free, parents are also more at ease, you now have mastered how to clean the inflatable castle?
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