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hot weather killed \'up to half\' of young christmas trees

by:Powerful Toys     2019-08-31
Christmas tree-
According to an industry group, the hot summer has seriously affected growers, resulting in the death of a large number of saplings.
British Association of tree growers (BCTGA)
Some of its members have lost half of their spring planting, he said.
It may affect supply in 8 to 10 years, while supply of smaller trees may decrease this year.
However, BCTGA said the old tree performed well in the sun and subsequent rain.
The group represents about 320 Christmas tree farms in the UK.
Rob Morgan, who runs Wales\'s largest Christmas tree farm in Gower near Swansea, said he has lost his third of the 30,000 trees he planted this year.
The hot sun in summer cooked the roots and dried them.
\"I spent about £ 7,000,\" said Mr Morgan . \" He provided the tree for 10 Downing Street last year.
It may take 10 years for the Christmas tree to fully mature, he said, and next year he will have to plant another 20,000 trees to \"keep the supply \".
He added: \"I have experienced every emotion on my farm --
From the mad cow crisis to everything else.
You go through highs and lows, but it\'s hard to see these trees struggling this year.
Morgan was once worried that his big tree would die with the unprecedented drought.
When the rain finally came, the spell continued to wear and admitted to \"Dancing in the fields \".
He is concerned that climate change will lead to ongoing problems and is now considering changing the type of trees he grows.
Stephen Reynolds, a member of the BCTGA Wales committee, believes that this is an unusual year that has brought difficulties to many growers.
He planted 500,000 trees on about 300 acres of land in Boise, and also ran the little Ty Cerrig Christmas tree farm in the glmorgan Valley.
\"Any plant planted later in the season has been affected,\" Mr Reynolds said . \".
\"For some, 50% has been lost, and in some areas all the young plants are dead.
\"This will have a long-term impact --
It has had an impact on the availability of small plants.
But he claims the trees are bigger and older.
Their roots are deep enough to store moisture underground.
I benefit from all the sun, so \"there should be a lot of Christmas trees this year \".
\"They really like it and grow normally, it\'s a dark green color,\" he said . \".
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