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hit man who carried out first murder in biker gang war is one step closer to parole

by:Powerful Toys     2019-11-16
A former killer carried out a murder, which was later pointed out to be the first in a bloody conflict that will last for many years and later known as a motorcycle gang war, one step closer to freedom.
Early morning October.
1994, Patrick called outside Repentigny\'s house to hide while his former friend Maurice lawoi lived.
When 32-year-old lawoi was sitting in a car with a 22-year-old childyear-
The old girlfriend sitting in the passenger seat, before fleeing the scene, fired a few shots from a pistol into the vehicle.
Lawoi, who was hit in the head, died immediately.
His girlfriend was wounded by three bullets and managed to get out of the car for help at the neighbor\'s house.
While no one could have foreseen this at the time, lavoie\'s murder was later considered by some in the drug trafficking environment to be the first conflict between Hell Angels and a group of criminal organizations claiming to be league.
The conflict is often referred to as the motorcycle gang war in Quebec.
The situation lasted seven years and more than 160 people, including several innocent victims, were killed.
Lawoi\'s girlfriend called him because he went out with lawoi last summer.
Call, who has been suspected to be an enthusiastic killer of Pelletier Clan, a group in the league, was arrested within hours, police found ammunition in his home that matched the shell found near the lawoi car.
Nine days later, 32-year-old Silwan Peltier, the leader of the Peltier family, placed a bomb under his Jeep Cherokee outside his home, also
The Hell Angel led by Morris at that time (Mom)
Boucher is taking over drug trafficking territory, particularly in eastern Montreal, where the Peltier family runs.
Later it became clear to the police that on 1994, Hell Angels began to warn drug dealers that they would be treated as enemies if they did not start buying drugs from them.
According to several who later became informants, lawoi turned his back on the Peltier family and began buying drugs from Hell Angels.
The informant told the police that when Lavoie was murdered, the Hell Angel responded, arranged to kill Pelletier and sent a clear message to the coalition --
Including rock machinery-
The war continues.
\"Anyway, in my opinion, war is inevitable.
Rock machines and leagues must join Hell Angels (to avoid a war)
\"An informant, formerly part of the Hell Angel, told police in a recorded statement a few years after lawoi\'s death.
Call was convicted for the first time
On May 24, 1996, he was sentenced to life imprisonment and was eligible for parole for 25 years.
He appealed the conviction, conducted a second trial and was convicted on February.
2001, second-degree murder, also has automatic life imprisonment.
The difference is that his parole eligibility date was shortened by nine years to qualify him for full release in 2010, not 2019.
Call recently appeared before the Parole Board of Canada and was granted an unescorted leave privilege, which would allow him to visit a relative once a month for 24 hours.
If all goes well, leave privileges will be increased to 48 hours, and may also be increased to 72 hours.
Although eligible for full release five years ago, Call, 49, clearly knows that he rarely has a chance to be released on parole until he can prove that he has undergone major changes.
For prisoners in life imprisonment, the unescorted leave privilege is considered a step before one day\'s parole.
When he started serving his sentence, a police intelligence report said he was \"the killer of the Peltier family\" and \"a bloodthirsty person who likes to kill \".
In addition, according to a written summary of the parole board\'s recent decision, during the first seven years of his sentence, calling was a serious problem for the authorities.
He was involved in drug trafficking and usury in prison, and was suspected to be involved in a plot to escape from prison.
But in 2003, after the maximum transfer
After taking part in a rehabilitation program to control anger and other emotions, his attitude changed.
In 2005, after reading a newspaper article about lawoi\'s death, he fell into depression, which made him reflect on the consequences of his actions.
He started consulting a psychologist who graduated from high school and received a professional diploma after taking the welding course.
He was transferred to the lowest level in 2011.
He was allowed to leave with him last year, where he could work in his business.
At the parole board hearing, Call admitted that he was in contact with the Peltier family and was involved in drug trafficking, but denied that he was the group\'s killer.
He told the board that he had killed lawoi on his own, which involved \"is he or I.
He also said he didn\'t see lawoi\'s girlfriend in the car when he started filming.
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