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high-speed hyperloop project ready for key test in nevada

by:Powerful Toys     2019-12-28
Engineers will soon conduct an important test of the future technology advocated by entrepreneur Elon Musk, which aims to package passengers and goods into pods through intercity vacuum tube systems, thus completely changing traffic
Hyperloop One in Los AngelesAngeles-
Companies based in the development of the technology are preparing to send a 28-foot-long (8. 5 meter-long)
Spokesman Marcy Simon said the pod flew on a set of tracks during a trial run in Nevada in the next few weeks.
Hyperloop One is working to develop the technology vision presented by rocket maker SpaceX and founder of electric vehicle company Tesla Motors Musk.
In 2013, he suggested transporting passengers through huge vacuum tubes between Los Angeles and San Francisco.
The goal of Hyperloop is to reach a speed of 250 miles per hour (402 km/h)
In the upcoming testing phase.
With the experiment, the company released results of its May 12 test in the Nevada desert on Wednesday.
Simon said that a super sled with wheels used a magnet to glide above the track for the first time.
It floats 5.
3 seconds in vacuum
At a speed of 70 miles per hour (113 km/h)
The company said in a statement.
In contrast, another test that Hyperloop One made national headlines last year was conducted on an open platform
Air tracks, not in pipes, are the key to achieving high speeds.
Supporters of the project envision pods at speeds of 750 miles per hour (1,200 kph)
But skeptics say the idea of Hyperloop is real.
World challenges ranging from obtaining construction permits to turning at jet speed.
Hyperloop One has raised $0. 16 billion in funding and touted the potential of the technology as a rapid developmenttransit option.
\"Hyperloop One will move people and things faster than ever in the world,\" Shervin Pishevar
The founder and executive chairman of Hyperloop One said in a statement.
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