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High quality wedding banquet inflatable tent on the spacing should be how to arrange

by:Powerful Toys     2020-05-13
General customers buy wedding banquet curtains, according to their requirements, what about the length of the curtains also have different requirements, do wedding night, put 10 tables so length is 12. 5 meters, 12 tables is 15 meters, on customers, the product is not very good, feel low price can be enough length. But actually otherwise, in accordance with the table of 10 at length 12. 4 5 meters, can make it. 5 will also be able to make it, make it 4 it is between 5 root column, the column center distance is 2. Made between 5, 81 meters, and is 6 air column. Air curtains standard equipped with: air curtains a, pedal air compressor, screw, rope, urgent need repair kits. Column distance is 2. 2 meters, a column of data with artificial is in less than 1000 yuan, a 6. 5 m x 12. 5 meters curtains is 81. 3 square meters or so, this posture, column distance do dot and widest point, 10 yuan per square meter price. For one, for example, better double air curtains with liner, 260 yuan a square meter shop price according to calculate, then from the air column above, 10 yuan a square meter can cut more, also is close to 245 yuan a square meter or so, this posture present distance, attaches great importance to the quality of the products manufacturers market price is 260 yuan per square meter, while not attaches great importance to the quality of the factory will quote 245 yuan per square meter, this gesture, without understanding the quality of air curtains. Some manufacturers, using the customer to product mechanics do not understand, in order to attract customers eye, with the diameter of the column may be 320 mm to 330 mm products, to mislead the customer consumption, these bold this attitude will affect the customer using the using rate when the curtains, 6. 5 meters width. Column 250 mm in diameter, according to the practice of customers put desk and chair, a table and two head sit people is 2. 4 meters, two tables is 4. 8 meters, and the diameter of the column is 5. 3 meters, the center left a width of 1 meter or so of serving people. On a story: a: why is fire tent lifebuoy do you know why the next: next: you know about the quality problem of the inflatable reception tent
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