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High quality inflatable tent has been popular for weddings

by:Powerful Toys     2020-05-10
Produce inflatable curtains for weddings of flame retardant materials is a bright spot in all curtains, air curtains why is more expensive than other curtains? The main reason is the inflatable curtains with all information all has the distinctive features such as flame retardant, anti aging. Inflatable curtains in the establishment and open packaging time is very convenient. Take the traditional one hundred - square - meter stents and inflatable curtains make a comparison. Traditional one hundred - square - meter about half an hour to be able to build four ends, and takes two to produce inflatable curtains for weddings, with two charge pump can end in five minutes. Inflatable curtains curtains and appearance of the inside is very beautiful, improve the level. Lining is made from taffeta decoration, outer cover with cloth is to use yellow, red, green, blue, pink five-color 600 d Oxford cloth sewing. Produce inflatable curtains can not only use alone, also can more stitching. Wind resistance ability is very strong, 70 - square - meter curtains can 8 wind resistance. Inflatable curtains stature is all curtains inside the longest can reach more than a decade. Produce inflatable curtains for weddings waterproof effect is also very good, because the curtains outside the tent itself is waterproof coating, and the cloth sewing outlet through thermal bonding waterproof waterproof strip processing. A: a: on the quality issue is carried out about the inflatable tent you know next article: next up: good reception inflatable tent in the countryside is practical is not practical
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