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hidden camera reveals trampoline parks ignoring dangerous behaviour

by:Powerful Toys     2019-11-28
When eight-year-
Old Chelsea Garod jumped into a bubble pit from a platform at the trampoline park in Kelowna. C.
She thought she would land like a flying squirrel.
Instead, she landed at the hospital and could not feel her leg.
More than a year later, Chelsea suffered a severe spinal fracture and severe nerve damage, which is still recovering.
She can walk again, but her therapist says her nerve damage is permanent and her back will never be the same.
\"When I hit the bubble, I heard the crack and it really hurt,\" Chelsea said . \" He told about the day it happened.
Chelsea couldn\'t feel her leg in the evening and had to fly to the hospital.
\"I didn\'t cry when things happened;
Just when I was afraid . \" She said.
Injuries like Chelsea are not unique.
Last year, news that young people like Landon Smith and Blake Davis were paralyzed at trampoline parks in Alberta and Ontario made national headlines.
Earlier this year, a 46-year-
The old father died in front of his two young daughters at the British Columbia trampoline park.
8 p watch marketm.
Friday on CBCTV Ronline.
Since the opening of Canada\'s first trampoline park in 2011, other trampoline parks have appeared all over the country --
The risk of serious injuries followed.
The market visited 12 trampoline parks across the country to see what is being done in this unregulated industry to mitigate the risk of minors.
Many children violate the \"rules\" of the park without employee intervention \".
In other parks, the market recorded flip, stunts and doublebouncing —
Health authorities believe this is a dangerous act.
It was observed that the children first plunged into the foam pit, and sometimes there were no supervisors in the park area to enforce the safety rules.
In a park, a baby crawled on a rolling track and crashed after being bounced by an older child.
On another occasion, a mother held her crying toddler after he turned over and fell on his neck.
Injuries are more serious than other sports. Canada does not regulate the trampoline park industry, which means that while there may be six in one parkfoot-
The foam pit is deep and the other one is probably only 3 feet deep.
The park checks and repairs the equipment on its own and does not have to report the injury.
However, the Canadian hospital injury report and prevention program (CHIRPP)
Children who are following a visit to a trampoline-injured hospital have 18 hospitals participating in their program.
\"A lot of people don\'t realize how serious these injuries are,\" said Dr . \"
Laura Purcell, founding chairman of the pediatric sports and sports medicine committee of the Canadian Pediatric Society.
Purcell has been studying trampoline damage for more than ten years, and
Write research papers for CHIRPP.
\"When you see the severity of the injury --
This means how harm needs to be treated.
\"Trampoline injuries are recorded at a much higher rate than many other sports,\" Purcell said . \".
A study of 2007 showed trampoline
Second related damage
In the CHIRPP database, the highest rate of admission was 12 for all sports and entertainment injuries.
Four of the injured patients had to stay overnight.
After only one night of alpine skiing. 12 rate of stay. 9 per cent.
In contrast, only 3 puck are seen.
The injury was serious enough to stay overnight and there were only 2 people in football. 8 per cent.
Since the trampoline park boom across Canada, CHIRPP has been looking specifically at the differences between backyard
Trampoline and trampolinepark injuries.
\"My bones are 3 inch away from my legs\": Sask\'s indoor trampoline park regulations were quickly introduced due to injuries.
Purcell published another study this year, which shows that the proportion of facial and neck injuries caused by stunts such as the trampoline park flop and flip is much higher (36%)
Trampoline compared to backyard (13%).
\"We do see injuries to the neck and spine,\" she said . \".
\"What these people are worried about is that they may lead to long-term
Long-term paralysis and a significant impact on the quality of life.
\"Dangerous behaviour encouraged by Canada\'s adsHealth since 2005 has been advising against flipping on a trampoline, stating that\" landing on your head or neck can lead to paralysis \"and\" flipping is a senior skill, it can only be carried out in the appropriate facilities under the guidance of certified lecturers.
\"However, at every trampoline park visited by the market, it was observed that the children were rummaging without the intervention of the staff.
Searching for each of the sites and social media materials in 12 parks often encourages tipping through promotional ads, including for children.
Many health organizations, including Health Canada, also recommend that children under the age of six should not use trampoline at all because they do not have the motor skills and strength to jump trampoline.
However, many parks have specific areas dedicated to \"Toddler Time\" and parents are encouraged to take young children to jump.
Will regulation help?
Other authorities such as Canadian Parachute Company
Propaganda groups designed to prevent serious or fatal injuries through education-
Further, it is recommended not to use the leisure trampoline at all.
While preventive measures for other sports have been shown to reduce damage, such as bike helmets and skateboard wristbands, Purcell says this is not the case with trampoline.
\"All safety precautions for trampoline have not affected the incidence of injuries associated with these activities,\" she said . \".
B. The ParkC.
For example, father Jay Greenwood, who died in January, is still injured, including some in the past month. A three-year-
The old boy fell from the trampoline to the concrete below, a few days later, a 10-year-
The old girl fell off the rock climbing wall, broke her arms, legs and wrists, and her face broke.
When the market reaches Richmond\'s extreme Air ParkC.
The owner said there are security agreements and rules in the park, \"it is unreasonable to assume that our team can reach all places at the same time.
\"The boy was playing Velcro on the trampoline and slipped 3 feet to the floor through his compromised Velcro,\" the owner said . \". And the 10-year-
He said that the old man should not clip himself on the harness, and \"it is big enough to understand the direct instructions given to her \".
Trampoline park is linked to the jump of emergency room visitors who are very dangerous: trampoline park death emphasizes the need for supervision. It is the responsibility of the children to jump within their abilities, as outlined in the park\'s liability waiver, parents prevent their children from doing anything dangerous, before entering any trampoline park, which parachutists are required to sign.
The waiver of liability is a legal document that is at the risk of the activity by signee-
Even if the injury is caused by the negligence of the organization itself or the poor maintenance of the equipment.
Many abandoned persons outline all the ways in which their facilities may not be safe, and many ways in which staff may be negligent.
These documents are legally binding when an adult signs them.
However, some lawyers tell the market that parents are more complicated when signing on behalf of their children.
\"A child cannot be bound by a contract,\" said B. Darren Williams. C. -
He is a personal injury lawyer at Chelsea Garod.
\"When parents sign on behalf of the child, they cannot deprive the child of the right to sue if the child is injured.
\"Although Williams can\'t talk about Chelsea\'s case as specifically as he did in court, he has dealt with many cases involving exemptions.
\"Now that people are used to seeing them, they just think they are valid, it basically scares away a lot of people who are making legitimate demands,\" he said . \".
The trampoline park responds to the market by bringing the results of the hidden camera survey to the featured trampoline park.
We are told by many that security is their top priority, and some say they welcome government regulation.
Some also mentioned that they followed the American Association for Testing and Materials (ASTM)
Trampoline park safety standards are developed in collaboration with industry stakeholders to regulate the production and operation of trampoline parks.
There is no inspection in Canada at present and it is voluntary to follow industry standards.
Many parks also tell the market that they have rules for signage and warning risks.
Some parks point out that Health Canada\'s current recommendation comes from the fact that trampoline Canada should only be read in the background of the backyard trampoline before it exists.
Although Parachute Canada and Health Canada did not specifically talk about trampoline park, Purcell said parents should not wait for an official statement.
She said: \"Parents who consider taking their children to trampoline park should be aware of all the suggestions for children to use trampoline, including those organizations that recommend not using trampoline at all.
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