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here is a video of a man playing flaming bagpipes while riding a unicycle in a \'star wars\' costume

by:Powerful Toys     2019-09-14
In Portland, Oregon, it\'s not uncommon to see Darth Vader riding a wheelbarrow and playing the burning bagpipes.
But thanks to a viral video on Facebook, millions of people have found someone he likes to be called unipaper.
Brian Kidd learned to blow bagpipes in college.
After finding a wheelbarrow in the bin, he combined the two skills to become a performing art.
In an interview with The Washington Post, Kidd said: \"It\'s just a celebration of what I like, and I\'m happy to do it . \".
A video released on December
The single blow of 8 pulls an empire in-
In Walker, an iconic scene appeared in Empire counterattack.
There have been 1 million times on Facebook in the past week.
Unipper appeared in multiple costumes, including spiders.
Captain Jack Sparrow, Santa Claus and sascoch.
\"I\'m tired of doing the same thing and that\'s why I have so many costumes,\" Kidd said . \".
As a lifelong Star Wars fan, Darth Vader\'s costume is one of his favorite and most frequently seen outfits.
\"There\'s something very iconic about Darth Vader\'s appearance,\" Kidd said . \".
\"The entire tragic story with the annagin Skywalker is a complex character.
\"Kidd, 33, works for an aviation measurement and remote sensing company, but he has time to record videos and perform at community events.
Propaganda is not new to unipaper.
Kidd performs live at \"Jimmy Kimmel!
\"In 2014, he was named the best local celebrity by willamit weekly in 2016 and 2017.
Unipaper is not limited to performing arts.
There is an online store where you can buy shirts, stickers and mugs with his portrait printed.
Kidd, who will write an unipper book in 2018, plans to release more unipper beer, which he says has become a popular tradition in Portland.
Kidd and two friends hosted the podcast \"Portland in the movie,\" in which they reviewed the film shot in Portland.
Kidd said he was looking forward to the new movie Star Wars, The Last Jedi, which premiered on Friday.
\"My expectations are high,\" Kidd said . \"
In addition, for the Kidd family, more personal debut is coming.
\"I will be university\'
\"My dad for the next project,\" Kidd said, and his wife will take their first child with him next week.
\"I have received many requests.
People want to see babies
The Piper on the wheelbarrow, so I will continue to study. \"---
Video embed code Video: Video of \"Unipiper\" shooting down an inflatable Star Wars car released on December.
8 reflects an iconic scene in Empire counterattack, which at least eight people have seen.
There have been 1 million times on Facebook in the past week. (
Patrick Martin/Washington Post)
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