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Have a taste of inflatable toy everybody must be careful!

by:Powerful Toys     2020-03-31
Many parents are to their children choose inflatable toys, so that a lot of parents approved! After all inflatable toys will be relatively safe, has a good safety performance. But after all, inflatable toy is made of plastic, so there will be a certain taste, although some parents feel the smell put a few days will be good, but there are still need to pay attention to place! Have a taste of inflatable toy attention point of Germany's post for institute of process engineering and packaging researchers from general stores and online stores to buy an inflatable water polo, a pair of inflatable arm drift and two swimming laps, each small sample sampling for raw materials. Results showed that all inflatable objects by polyvinyl chloride ( PVC) Is made. Researchers also collected samples of smells, after testing found that each sample smell has 32 to 46 kinds of substances, including a variety of harmless material, there are many more harmful organic solvent, such as cyclohexanone, isophorone, phenol, etc. If higher concentrations of these chemicals, child contact time is long, may bring risks to health. Previous studies have shown that inhalation of cyclohexanone will stimulate the skin and other organs; Phenol can disturb hormone balance, influence gene to induce tumor growth; Isophorone also was suspected to be linked with cancer. Above is for our children when using such a tasty inflatable toys should be noticed, do not think that smell will be dispersed in a few days, there is no effect on children, but often sometimes because these points do not pay attention to lead to children's health, so if the parents want to buy inflatable kid, inflatable sofa, inflatable ball, inflatable pool inflatable toys, such as product, might as well look at factory specializing in the production of inflatable toys.
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