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Hang out should stay away from 3 without amusement equipment

by:Powerful Toys     2020-04-25
“ Children in airbag trampoline immodesty fall injury, look for the boss please, she actually said & lsquo; Children play with which have not injured & rsquo; 。 ” City on August 27, who lives in Germany ms zhao describes the children play on the gate of a small amusement equipment, & other; It is the security of equipment has a problem, but the boss refused to take responsibility, also don't know where to go off. ”> inflatable castles, inflatable trampoline, large inflatable toys, inflatable toys, inflatable slide now, inside and outside of the stores area doorway amusement equipment, while brings a lot of happiness to children, but there are also health and safety hidden trouble. Citizens to Mr. Zhou with a 3 year old daughter, economic and technological development zone in a shopping mall in Texas children's amusement park, playing a cocked an equipment of the tin, child was cut. Amusement park management without any compensation. For small amusement equipment safety and injury compensation, the reporter visited several small casinos in the city. Most businesses are not insured for the consumer, as long as the equipment no problem, generally regarded as the consumer's personal improper operation. And all children's entertainment facilities, surrounded mostly & other; The booth type & throughout; Management, brand and hidden, manufacturer is unknown, safety performance is not guaranteed. City pledges inspect bureau, said the 'special equipment safety law of the People's Republic of China will be the average line speed is greater than 2 metres per second, 2 meters high from the ground more than large manned amusement equipment in the scope of regulation, for example, a roller coaster, ferris wheel, etc, but the ordinary small equipment, bag type, and children, is not in the range of regulation. Have parents believe that in the related department before the legislative regulation, supermarkets, shopping malls, restaurants in children's amusement equipment operators should strengthen the management of health and safety issues, to ensure that residents rest assured consumption. One industry source said, children's amusement equipment itself is a risk that, in addition to the hope that the safety regulation, as the guardian of the parents have to escort at any time, to avoid accidents. At the same time, due to the disinfection is not strict in order to avoid cross infection, stay away from & other; 3 without & throughout; Amusement equipment, try to choose standard management place. 1, at any time to visitors, report the weather changes, set the safety of the shelter, the shelter places for tourists or other protective measures. 2, the ground inside the water park, should ensure that no water, no broken glass and other sharp objects. 3, set up the duty room, equipped with attendant, set up emergency clinic, equipped with to be able to do the work of medical personnel and first aid facilities. 4, safe use of chemicals, before operating the pool bottom clean once a day, on the surface of the water floating debris should be salvaged. Five a day, check the water quality, water quality should meet GB9667 - 1996 the swimming places health standard 'regulation, safety management and service quality should comply with GB/T16767 - The amusement park (1997 Field) The provisions of the safety and quality of service '. 6, opening night, its main channel and the public space should have sufficient lighting equipment, children's wading pool, children's slide pool, its surface illumination not less than 75 lx, the other not less than 50 lx swim orchestra pit. As park managers must pay attention to the safety of the water park equipment, also must check regularly, are certainly luck, pound-foolish. Recommended reading: how to take the initiative to improve the children's playground customer stickiness
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