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hövding: invisible bike helmet inflates on impact (video)

by:Powerful Toys     2019-11-27
Will you wear an invisible helmet?
Reuters reported on a creative invention in bicycle safety, hovding, an inflatable collar that unfolds like an airbag during a collision, surrounding the head of a cyclist.
The idea is based on the premise that while cyclists are aware of the danger of cycling without helmets, they still choose not to wear helmets due to appearance, bulky, discomfort, of course, hair problem
Hövding\'s fluffy collar has a nylon airbag with a gas inflator that is triggered by a sensor during a collision.
The airbag was released.
Second, become a hood that surrounds the head, providing shock absorption and pressure.
Hovding also offers a housing in a variety of colors and patterns.
There are some shortcomings.
For many cyclists, the price of $450 is very expensive.
Also, Hövding cannot be used again once inflated.
So, if you fall off your bike, it\'s better to have a fall worth it!
Still, Hövding is a fascinating example of designers looking for alternative ways to improve security through creativity, and can lead to some amazing future technologies.
What do you think?
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