gwyneth paltrow gets defensive over accusations that goop is peddling pseudoscience

by:Powerful Toys     2019-10-22
Gwyneth Paltrow\'s health brand, Goop, promotes an \"energy sticker\" made of \"the same conductive carbon material NASA uses to arrange space suits\"-although the sticker has nothing to do with the space suit.
And coffee enemies.
And vaginal steaming.
Those eggs made of jade-those that should be inserted into the female vagina, help them \"better connect with the inner strength.
This may not be desirable.
A gynecologist called vaginal eggs \"the biggest garbage\" and last month, Green sphere lost $145,000 in civil penalties.
But when asked if Google\'s products sold online were based on pseudoscience, Paltrow told BBC News no.
\"We don\'t agree with this at all,\" the actress and business executive said at the BBC Breakfast on Tuesday . \".
\"We believe that there has been a treatment model for thousands of years, and they may challenge a very traditional Western doctor, he may not believe in essential oils or any kind of therapeutic power acupuncture-something that has been tried and tested for hundreds of years.
We find that they are very helpful to people, and there is an incredible force in the human body to heal themselves.
\"So, I think, whenever you try to move the needle and try to empower women, you find resistance, we just think it\'s just part of what we do and we\'re proud of it.
The $145 penalty for Goop comes from a consumer protection lawsuit filed by 10 California prosecutors accusing Paltrow of advertising products \"without qualified and reliable scientific support \".
\"The Santa Clara County district attorney\'s office details some of Goop\'s claims in a press release on the settlement: however, when BBC News asked Paltrow about Goop\'s claim that one of the products could help prevent depression, Paltrow said she wanted to clarify the fact.
\"One of the products we sell, some regulators in California say, \'You can\'t say it will do that, \'she said. \', Noting that Goop did not receive any complaints from the customer.
\"We do not have to admit any misconduct.
But we just want to solve it and leave it behind.
It was a learning experience, Paltrow said, adding that Goop now has a science --and-
The research team and the regulatory team review the product.
\"Most of the time, we will find the third one.
The party products we sell, people claim the products, so, paltrow told BBC News, \"It is very important for us now-as we grow and learn-to ensure that the statements we make on the website are valid and good. \".
Google could not be reached for comment immediately.
Paltrow\'s company was founded in 2008 when it was just a newsletter telling readers where to shop, what to cook and how to improve their lives.
But with the development of Goop, criticism of its medical and spiritual claims is also growing.
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