guilty plea in airbag theft linked to officer\'s death

by:Powerful Toys     2019-11-12
A man has been charged with the killing of York Dent. Const.
Robert plankett admitted yesterday that the airbag had been stolen.
Mohammed Yousef
Zai, 23, has been detained since his arrest in August.
He was sentenced to eight months in prison yesterday.
After the expiration of his sentence, he will stay in prison for two more months and will be suspended for two years after his release. Yousaf-
Zai was with 19-year-old Nadeem Jiwa, who was arrested on August. 2.
Jeva is accused of committing the first
Degree of murder after detective\'s death
The 43-year-old Plunkett was killed in the early hours of August when he tried to arrest a man.
2 Related to airbag anti-theft ring.
When the suspect tried to drive away, Plunkett was nailed to a tree and seriously injured.
He died in the hospital.
York District police have investigated the theft of air bags throughout the region, especially in Makham.
They say there have been about 50 theft cases since January, many of them involving Honda, Acuras and Toyota.
In some cases, the entire vehicle was stolen.
A new airbag costs up to $2,000, and auto experts say the illegal trade in airbags is a booming business because they are easy to disassemble and car stores are interested in cheap alternativesYousaf-
Zai admitted to a theft of more than $5,000, two theft of less than $5,000, a possession of stolen property of less than $5,000, and two breach of security.
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