grinch stabs home\'s inflatable frosty as cameras roll

by:Powerful Toys     2019-09-17
Home surveillance video captured a Christmas scene in Soulard, Missouri.
Destroyed a Christmas yard.
Maryland police found that dozens of packages were stolen from home, \"we can see a pickup truck driving along the street --
In the alley here.
A passenger jumped out and you could see him run to the snowman here and grab it, owner Jeff Diggs said: \"Try to cut the rope and then he takes off and goes back to the truck, take off quickly. \".
\"It\'s just mean behavior, it\'s stupid vandalism,\" Diggs said . \".
\"It looks like a few kids just have a good time.
\"While it may be interesting for you, it can hurt others,\" he said . \".
Diggs posted the video on social media, hoping to alert his neighbors to vandalism and to identify the responsible person.
\"It\'s a great place to live, and I want to try to keep it that way,\" Diggs said . \".
\"So if we at least let everyone know what\'s going on --
More eyes on the streets
\"More people focus on what is going on and hope that these meaningless behaviors will decrease,\" he said . \".
Taking into account this situation, Diggs does not want to actually raise funds to create an aGoFundMe page for Frosty\'s medical expenses.
Click from Fox 2 for more information.
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