govt recalls 50,000 cars because of airbag fault

by:Powerful Toys     2019-12-05
About 50,000 vehicles in New Zealand will be forcibly recalled as there may be a problem with the airbag.
Commerce and Consumer Affairs Minister Kris Faafoi announced this afternoon the recall of New Zealand\'s used cars.
Car owners can find out in MBie\'s recall whether their cars are affected. govt.
The New Zealand website and a dedicated website will run in a few days, detailing all affected cars.
50,000 cars with Alpha-
The Gaotian airbag is an old-fashioned airbag that can accidentally spray shrapnel at passengers.
This is the second mandatory recall in New Zealand\'s history and the largest car recall to date.
Another 257,000 vehicles carrying non-
Alpha airbags may be recalled.
Voluntary recall of vehicles with affected Takata airbags began in 2013, but Faafoi said progress in repairing the airbags was not enough.
He set up a monitoring team to ensure
The Alpha airbag recall is in progress and says he will enforce it too if it is not.
\"I don\'t want to compromise on the safety of New Zealanders,\" he said . \".
In New Zealand, the total number of vehicles affected by Takada\'s recall was 450,000, and the total number of vehicles affected worldwide was 100 million.
Faafoi also stopped importing vehicles without fixing airbags.
After a grace period of 40 working days, no new or used affected vehicles are allowed to enter the country. All Alpha-
Type airbags must be replaced before December 2019.
The mandatory recall takes effect 40 working days from today.
Australia issued a mandatory recall order at the end of February, involving about 4 million vehicles.
Every seven people on the road have one
At that time, Faafoi ordered an urgent report on the issue, including whether the estimate of 180,000 affected vehicles in New Zealand was accurate.
The New Zealand Transport Agency said it would not follow Australia\'s footsteps because New Zealand did not report incidents related to airbag failures, and several different car manufacturers in New Zealand voluntarily recalled their cars.
\"For any type of mandatory product recall ordered in New Zealand, a spokesperson said:\" The Fair Trade Act requires evidence that there is a significant security risk in the product, no satisfactory recall was made by the supplier or manufacturer. \".
Association of Automobile Industry (MIA)
NZTA reported on last September that 140,000 New Zealand drivers had been told they could replace the inflator, and about half had sent their vehicles to repair.
David Crawford, Mia\'s chief executive, estimated that more than 300,000 vehicles were affected, many of them second-hand imported.
\"Since the 2013 issue was exposed, vehicle airbags have been affected on our roads in less than a quarter.
This is a bad return.
If there is no voluntary increase in recall and fixed rates, our government needs to consider enforcement.
\"Takata airbags are mainly made in Japan and since 2008 23 people have been killed and 230 seriously injured worldwide.
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