govt employing hackers to attack own facilities - hacking expert

by:Powerful Toys     2019-12-13
The Internet has connected millions of people around the world to take root today --to-day activities.
If something happens to it, it\'s not just the end of the kitty picture --
The world economy will collapse.
What are the consequences? How much damage can be done online. As a hacker, these days we asked professors at Sussex University and the author of a book about the hacking community, Tim Jordan, Sophie.
Follow @ sophicio_rtsophie Shevardnadze: Tim Jordan, professor at Sussex University, author of the book \"hacker community\", welcome, it\'s a pleasure to have you in our
So, please let me know what kind of attacks terrorists can do online
For example, what would 9/11 of cyber terrorism be? Jordan: Well, 9/11 of cyber terrorism is likely to shut down. scale websites.
So, technically, if you\'re fully prepared, you can post attacks that flood the site and provide enough information to destroy them --
This is the so-called \"denial of service attack\"
They often appear on the news these days.
If you are very coordinated, you may close many websites at once.
Now, since this attack has been going on for many years, most sites have defensive measures and there is no way around it, so once you start the attack, this will be a real battle to try to keep the site online.
But in some cases, you may see that, for example, if you choose a government that has a lot of services online, a government that is highly wired, you can try to cancel all of these services.
There is a lot of discussion about 9/11, such as the removal of the air traffic control system, the taking over of the dam, the release of the flood and so on.
There is little evidence that these systems can be accessed over the Internet, so they can be accessed by different terrorists or hackers, unless they can actually access the system.
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