google glass for a mitzvah

by:Powerful Toys     2019-11-09
Although 8,000 of lucky people were chosen to try the Internet
Stanford\'s special envoy for Chabad recently decided to share Google Glass with any Jewish student who wants to wear tefillin.
According to Chabad online (COL)
On the website, dozens of young Jews accepted the invitation of Rabbi Dov Greenberg to join tefillin.
They also put on Google Glass and saw the Shema blessings in Hebrew and English on the screen, reciting them while they prayed.
\"As I looked at Stanford\'s student packaging tefillin, I was well aware that those with past heritage were those who were able to face the future without fear, and Rabbi Greenberg told the Chabad website.
Rabbi Greenberg with one of Stanford students (
Photos provided by the Chabad website COL
A college student wrote on his blog that Rabbi Greenberg told him, \"many Jewish students who had never wrapped tefillin before came out to do so.
Some of them told me that it was the first time they wore Google glasses and tefillin.
\"I\'m not sure how the rabbi Chabad got Google glasses,\" the student wanted to know.
\"I think it would be helpful to live on campus at Stanford University.
I also believe that someone asked him to borrow it for this purpose, or maybe it was donated.
\"How did the rabbi get his glasses? (
Photos provided by the Chabad website COL
Google Glass contains small screens, mobile phones, GPS antennas, microphones and headphones that can explain voice commands, record videos and pictures, and communicate with other devices.
Google Glass is not yet open to the public.
Here, the search engine giant picked 8,000 people who had the chance to buy computer glasses for $1,500.
Candidates are required to submit an application explaining how to use the new technology.
According to Wired, the company banned experimenters from selling or even lending the coveted gadget.
\"If you resell, loan, transfer or hand over your device to anyone else without Google\'s authorization, Google reserves the right to deactivate the device, neither you nor the unauthorized person using the device are entitled to any refund, product support or product warranty, \"the company\'s terms of service provide.
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