GMH recalls 300,000 cars for dodgy airbags

by:Powerful Toys     2019-11-02
Car maker Holden will recall more than 300,000 vehicles in Australia with defective Takada airbags.In a statement Friday, the company said it would recall about 330,000 vehicles, including popular models such as Astra and Cruze hatchbacks.The car list was made between 2005 and 2018, including Opel and Saab models sold under GM badges.
The defective Takata airbag has injured about 180 people and killed 18 people worldwide.At least 1.5 million cars have airbags installed in Australia.On Wednesday, the federal government made a mandatory recall of all Australian cars equipped with airbags.
Auto suppliers must recall and replace all airbags in Australia by the end of 2020, giving priority to the most dangerous airbags due to their design, age or humidity levels.Holden says its car has never been equipped with an \"alpha\" airbag inflator that failed in up to deployment.The company said it would be a step-by-step recall and would contact customers directly.
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