gm fined $7k a day for refusing to answer ignition questions

by:Powerful Toys     2019-11-10
In a letter to GM, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said that the company missed the deadline of April 3 to provide information on why defective vehicles were not recalled until February, 10 years ago, when it first learned about defective ignition switches.
According to this letter, GM did not reply more than one
The third of NHTSA\'s 107 requests for information.
As a result, the company received a fine of $28,000, and the longer it takes to wait for a response, the greater the fine will be.
\"For every day that NHTSA has not received a full answer, this fine will continue to be added by $7,000,\" which means that GM \"answers all questions fully and substantially, and present all the responses written by O, chief legal counsel for NHTSA.
Kevin Vincent said in the letter.
\"NHTSA does not object to GM taking more time to answer technical engineering questions, but there is the understanding that GM will make the remaining requests by the deadline of April 3
GM did not do so.
\"If GM still fails to respond in a timely manner, NHTSA says it will refer the case to the Justice Department, which will bring a civil action in court to force the company to comply.
This is a very strict letter.
NHTSA intends to deal with GM very strictly, \"Carl Tobias, a law professor at the University of Richmond, told USA Today.
So far, defective ignition switches have been linked to the death of at least 13 people across the country and may result in airbags, power brakes and steering failures.
As the email file obtained by Reuters, previously reported by RT, shows that when GM first detected a defect, it initially chose not to repair the switch, because it will cost the company a dollar more for each car.
At the same time, other documents show that GM did take steps to fix the switch in 2006, but the redesigned parts were never assigned a new product number, this makes it very difficult to classify which car has which switch installed.
In response to the NHTSA letter, GM defended its response to the situation in a statement sent to USA Today.
\"GM produced nearly 21,000 documents, totaling more than 271,000 pages, through a ten-year production process, with more than 5 million documents from 75 personal custodians and other sources.
Even NHTSA recognizes the breadth of its investigation. . .
\"We believe that NHTSA, as we do, wants to provide an accurate and substantive response.
We will continue to provide as soon as answers and facts are received and hope to proceed in a constructive manner.
Our goal is to be accurate and timely.
\"In a speech to Congress last week, gm ceo Mary Barra said the company\'s emphasis on costs --
He added that the culture of automakers has changed over the past few years.
\"Today, if there is a security issue, we will take action,\" she said at the hearing . \".
\"If we know that there is a defect, we will not consider the costs associated with it, and we will consider the speed at which the problem is solved.
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