Give the child a birthday with his play inflatable trampoline

by:Powerful Toys     2020-04-24
Reservation of the time of the party, will find space. In general field in three kinds: their own home, Usually have a not small courtyard, at least can accommodate 10 to more than 20 children and adults) ; Outside the park, General to play with children) ; Other indoor amusement places, such as indoor playground, children's museum, children's manual place ( After both is one of the characteristics of parties) 。 Of course site is different, have different costs. Nature is the cheapest in their own home, don't have to pay for the cost, but the downside is that adults will be very tired, decorate up all want to make, in addition to consider a dozen of children playing in a crazy scenes. So if you can do to help people less, or home is too small ( Such as an apartment) Is not at home. Outside the park cost slightly more expensive point ( In most parts of the park, if you want to do in the party to local human resource ( Human resources) Department to fill in a form, such as reserve, so that we can ensure that some of that piece of place you use) 。 Another different outdoor park according to the requirements of its site will have some limitations, such as some parks don't make sound, some parks do not make use of inflatable trampoline, etc. , some parks do not make use of alcoholic beverages, etc. , these when completing this form will tell you. And some of the park, although make use of some equipment, need to buy additional insurance. Another point in the park is highly affected by the weather, too hot, too cold, rain, snow, wind, etc. , can make can't enjoy the party. And indoor playgrounds for nature is the most worry, relative, of course, also need to pay more fees ( That is to say, use money to buy the effort) , basically you have to do is select a indoor Spaces, make a phone call to ask time if there is a vacancy in want to party, then go to pay deposit, Average is 50%, and even if something can't go to, the deposit is not refund) 。 Most indoor playground, 室内运动场) Birthday party will have different choice, the cheapest one most two hours or dollars, including only the site use fees and matching service personnel ( Usually two) Help decorate venues, tidy up and party organization some activities, like singing cut the cake. And most expensive level package, two hours around $600 to $800, basically all parties need to use child's beer and skittles, decoration, cake what will include ( But generally don't pack adult, eat, drink, and the children to eat and drink is not very good, most of the food is cheese pizza, drinking juice) And, of course, this one you besides bring some adult food and drink, don't have to worry about what is true. Other indoor Spaces besides cost, service personnel also need to tip, usually two hours two tips of a total of $100.
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