girl, 11, dies at drayton manor after falling from splash canyon

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An 11-year-
Police in Stafford County say the little girl who fell on a water trip to Drayton Manor theme park has died.
The girl on a school trip fell from a Splash Canyon water trip in Tamworth
On Tuesday afternoon at the Drayton Manor theme park.
The child came from the Leicester area and the park staff pulled him out of the water.
The medical staff airlifted her to the Birmingham Children\'s Hospital, but she died shortly after arriving.
Independent Islamic faith school in Leicester, girlattended Jameah women\'s college.
On Tuesday night, a notice was issued outside the school about the theme park tour.
The Leicester Muslim Association said in a statement posted on the organization\'s Facebook page that the girl was \"studying at Jameah women\'s college and going to Dreyton Manor \".
\"We humbly ask all to build Duva for her and may Allah bless her family sabr e Jameel ameen.
In reading out a statement, park director George Brian said: \"After a police statement issued a few minutes ago, it is very sad that we have to report that, A young girl died at Birmingham Children\'s Hospital after an accident at a water recreation facility in the Park this afternoon.
\"An 11-year-old girl went into the water and our staff were alerted.
The trained park staff immediately rushed to the scene to take care of the patient. The West Midlands air ambulance arrived and sent her to the hospital in the air.
\"We were all shocked and shocked at this extremely difficult time, and our thoughts were with her family and friends.
\"Hundreds of people gathered at the Jame Majid Mosque for 11-year-old girl.
A spokesperson for the Jame Majid Mosque opposite the girls\' school said: \"The death of young girls has shaken the community and we have all been destroyed.
\"Obviously, after this heartbreaking news, we were with our family.
Her family sent her to school in the morning, hoping to hear her amazing day at Drayton Manor, but incredible things happened.
\"It was a tragedy when anyone died, but it was terrible when she was a child.
\"All we can do now is pray for her family and keep them in mind.
\"It would be a painful wait to hear exactly what happened after the police investigation, because all we know at the moment is that she fell, not how or why.
\"The girl\'s school, Jameah College, said in a statement:\" parents/guardians will be aware of the students and staff of Jameah College, located in Leicester, and travel to the dreighton Manor Park School on Tuesday, May 9, 2017.
\"At the time of the theme park, there was an incident where a 6-year-old girl was flown to the hospital.
Unfortunately, she died later.
\"We are currently in contact with the relevant departments.
Rest assured that the safety and well-being of all our students is a priority.
\"We also ask for time to be given to families and school communities to grieve.
\"The school also provides support to students and staff.
We are currently unable to provide any further information.
\"The college is a junior and middle school that teaches both Islamic courses and national courses.
The park said it would close after Wednesday\'s death.
Superintendent Carl Ratcliffe of Stafford County police said: \"Special-
In this difficult time, well-trained officers are supporting the girl\'s family.
After this tragic incident, we are very sympathetic to her family and friends.
An ambulance service spokesman in West Midlands said: \"Upon arrival, the staff found a seriously injured girl rescued from the water by park staff.
\"Ambulance staff provided her with advanced life support before she was taken to Birmingham Children\'s Hospital, and the doctor continued to treatroute.
\"Unfortunately, the girl died shortly after she arrived at the hospital.
Shortly after the girl fell, when staff and medical staff went to the scene, other staff at the park led the public out of the area --
Although the park is open until the usual five o\'clock P. M. closing time.
New visitors are blocked from entering the park at about four o\'clock P. M. , but guests in the Park
Hotel is allowed to stay.
I wonder if the site will be open to the public on Wednesday.
The park, which opened to the public in the 1940 s, is still run and owned by the Brian family, and its riding safety record is exemplary.
Cllr Philip Atkins, head of the Stafford County Council, said: \"It\'s a very sad and shocking news to hear how this young girl\'s adventure day ended, this evening, we are with her family and friends.
\"Drumton Manor theme park opened as a family business as early as 1949. I know the Brian family. They are still working in the park today and will be completely destroyed by this accident. There is no doubt, they will do everything they can to help find out how this tragic accident happened.
Police confirmed earlier that the student was traveling to school.
A spokesman said: \"A teacher must be in the car or nearby, but this will be a problem with the HSE investigation.
Earlier, Superintendent Ratcliffe said: \"We were called at 2.
At 25 this afternoon, it was reported that a child had fallen from a water trip at Drayton Manor Park.
\"The 11-year-old girl was flown from the Leicester area to the Birmingham Children\'s Hospital.
\"Her parents have been informed and supported by officials. \"The HSE (
Health and Safety supervisor)
The incident has been informed.
\"A spokesman for the health and safety supervisor said:\" HSE has been aware of the events of atDraytonManor today and is conducting a preliminary investigation with emergency services.
\"After the incident, the bus closed.
The ambulance service in West Midlands earlier said it had received reports of \"patients in the water.
\"Splash Canyon attractions have been closed and emergency service personnel are attending,\" said a staff member \".
The operator of Tamworth Drayton Manor Avenue resort announced this afternoon that there had been an accident with Splash Canyon water rides.
The tweet reads: \"After the accident this afternoon, the Splash Canyon tour has been closed.
Emergency services are provided on site and assistance is being provided by our well trained park staff.
\"The West Midlands Ambulance Service Center said that a patient was reportedly in the water at drumton Manor in Tamworth, 2 years old.
Eighteen o\'clock P. M. today \".
It added: \"an ambulance, a senior caregiver, a regional support staff for a caregiver, a quick response caregiver, a community first aid worker, and from Stafford County
The first resource arrived at the scene within 7 minutes.
\"It is reported that the security department is removing the car from the theme park.
According to the theme park website, the number of rides open in 1993 was up to 21 ships, with a maximum of 6 people per boat.
Open to at least 0 people. 9m (3ft)
Very high though people under 1 year old.
1 M must be accompanied by an adult.
The website promises \"fast\" and \"crazy riding\"Stream Rapids \".
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