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from satirical to silly, walking clubs spice up mardi gras

by:Powerful Toys     2019-09-12
NEW ORLEANS -A floppy-
An ear dog dressed in a red shellfish costume rides a carriage decorated with shrimp boats, followed by another \"boat\" carriage, occupied by a pug wearing a sailor\'s hat
Behind them, take a white Maltese with a belt, dressed in strange women\'s clothing, and walk with dogs in fluffy purple, green and golden tutus. The dog-
Krekrewe of Barkus is one of the 50 Walking Carnival clubs in New Orleans, marching throughout the carnival, from sarcasm and politics to cuteness and adventure.
Carnival historian Arthur Hardy said that this is the club with the most walks in the city\'s long carnival history, making the week-long celebration more colorful and diverse than ever before, the World Health Organization publishes an annual guide to the historical facts of the carnival, as well as the parade schedule and road map.
\"It\'s amazing how many different expressions are there at the carnival,\" Hardy said . \".
The Walking Club added \"a new level of inclusion, diversity and engagement that we have never seen before.
\"The most popular walking tour that attracts thousands of viewers every year is Star Wars-
Chewbacchus\'s thematic Intergalactic Krewe, ironically and sometimes even downright rude adults-
The theme is Krewe du Vieux and Barkus.
While some groups perform dances in large parades or March between floats and bands, others occupy the central stage in the French Quarter, strolling along the narrow streets of the historic quarter, large floats are not allowed there.
Krewe of Cork members is wearing grapes and wine-
As they distributed the beads with the cork and the Vine logo, the theme dress sipped.
The New Orleans Carnival Club\'s name, \"krewe\", includes women dressed in nude clothes, covered with transparent balls that look like champagne bubbles.
Thousands of spectators took part in the parade, watching from the sidewalk on the city\'s famous Bourbon Street, where topless women held signs to promote brightly colored revelers who wanted to decorate their chests
It\'s fun whether you\'re naughty or not, most of the parades are family parades --
Said Hardy, very friendly.
\"My favorite thing is freedom of speech and creativity,\" says New Orleans native Cortney Sessum, who looks at barks wearing a platinum blonde wig.
\"I like to see creative clothes.
\"Some walking clubs have already held parades and are at the end of the season, while others will have more than one parade.
There are many things to see from now until the fat Tuesday of March 5.
Krewe of red beans, members who use red beans instead of beads to make delicate suits and costumes, will march on \"Rendi grasse\" on Monday before the carnival, this is a recognition of the city\'s culinary tradition of eating red beans and rice on Monday.
In the group of Fat Tuesday parade, there is the semi-fast parade club of Pete Fountain, which walks before the Zulu and Rex floating parade, as well as the masked revelers of the Holy Society
Anne and several Carnival Indian tribes dressed in exquisite beading costumes and high feather headdresses.
\"Everyone has their own things,\" Hardy said . \".
\"I tell people that if you can\'t have a good time at Carnival, you \'d better check your pulse.
Baby, there\'s something wrong with you.
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