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for four years, i was at home doing nothing: govinda

by:Powerful Toys     2019-09-05
Govinda, come back together
Stars, young actors, choice of film, and why he is the favorite hero of the masses, a whole generation has grown up in the brand of Govinda\'s resounding farce comedy.
Every time he gets written off, he comes back after he reshapes himself.
Thirty years later, in his fourth possible game, he is ready to laugh back into your heart as a counterhero.
Last time in the holiday, the actor appeared in a special look, reducing the excess weight and now looks young, happy and relaxed.
He can still attract your pants with his sterling. watt smile.
Or, speak to English in Hindi, and once you tell him that you are king, the actor will dazzle you with his \"ASA\" Marathi.
Asked him how well he spoke the language, Pat replied: \"Mi maladi Meili mazhe sichloe!
\"It was just one of the many surprises Govinda had for me because we were content with a candid chat. I wasn\'t away.
In fact, I did not get any offer.
For four years I sat at home and did nothing.
Wahaan, I left politics, yahaan film series ne mujhe chhod diya!
No one approaches me.
When my fans meet me at the airport or somewhere else, they ask me why I want to do the Sandhi Sudha soap ad I said because I don\'t see it anywhere so I have(Cuts in)
Trust me, I didn\'t get any offer or even play father!
Saad Ali called me and provided me with this evil character.
I was determined to work, but since the role was negative, I asked my wife Sunita if I should keep working and she agreed.
After I promised the film, I signed nine films, including \"and\".
When I got enough money, I decided to produce and star in the Abhinay chakra. (Laughs)
It\'s a Marsala movie.
At first I was a little worried because I was doing something that I didn\'t feel very good about.
Actually, I\'m with Adi (Aditya Chopra)
If I can\'t do this, I will refund the signed amount! Yes.
But those days are different.
My confidence is high. I just did it (smiles).
It\'s just a way to try to put pressure on me through the media, so I\'m forced to do so.
Yes, I was asked for the character, but I didn\'t get it when I asked for the script and narration.
Finally, 20 days before the shooting, the director (Vikas Bahl)
Come to me with a check.
I asked him to stay because I didn\'t know what my character was and I didn\'t want to do that.
Why do I refuse to play Alia\'s father when I play Ranbir (Kapoor)father (in )
I am an actor and I will do it as long as the character is interesting.
I remember when I was making, my wife told me that I should work with a young hero like Abhishek Bachchan.
I went to Mani Ratnam and said I wanted to work in this movie.
My character is so small that I have to stay there for eight months
The movie has 9 minutes but it is very interesting.
It\'s sad that people spread stories like this because all of this will affect the movies I play heroes.
Like I said, some people are spreading stories like this either to push me to make a movie or to stop the producers from approaching me!
I am part of the film.
If so, it should affect my business.
I got a lot of goodwill from my audience.
I remember during the filming I told Amitabha that I would be late on the set.
It was because my parents died and I had a painful time.
He understood and said it would be okay if I was late.
I don\'t like the story, frankly.
When everyone is against him, the father goes to the chief minister.
But the truth is, he was the one who was at fault in the first place! (
The film is about a father who is heavily disciplined. he pushes his children to learn, but ignores his passion for cricket. )
I know the movie is popular in Malaysia, but I don\'t agree with the concept.
There is no doubt that I am eager to work now, but that does not mean that I will do something that does not touch my heart.
Mahesh Manjrekar is a friend and I will work with him when something good happens.
As for Salman, he and I are good for commercial masala films, not this \"art\" film (laughs). Yes.
I honestly don\'t want to discuss her career because it turns out that talking about her career is not good for her.
I feel sad that although she had a successful actor as a father, she had to fight for it.
At the same time, I am proud that whatever she gets, what will be accomplished, will be done entirely by herself. Ranveer (Singh)
Ranbir is very good.
But Merry Tara Nicola sea.
He grew up and grew bigger.
He works very hard.
I also like Deepika Padukone.
Kiya hai\'s movie I.
Even Priyanka and Parineeti (Chopra)are very good.
Ranveer is nice in the scene of Hi theater, but if you ask me who can give me takkar I will say no one.
These days, the actors barely do one or two movies at a time, unlike when I used to shoot 15 movies --
Shoot 16 movies at the same time
I\'m totally new here and have no support from people like Subhash Ghai or Yash Chopra.
I created a niche and comedy genre for myself.
I think the only actor close to it is lanbir.
He tried to create a niche for himself with a variety of movies, but he only made a few movies at a time.
Hamare jaise mehnat Koi nahin Jia sakta!
When I enter the industry, my goal is to make as many films as possible, make money and make my family comfortable.
I am a boy from gaanv and I have time to think about these things and the way I work reflects this.
I made a knot with the masses.
In fact, I am very happy that I have made so many movies because it has benefited me a lot. Yes.
I think Salman had a connection with the masses after doing this.
But Salman\'s charity is human, and he has taken it to another level.
The masses really love him.
All I know is that after the movie is over, Sohail Khan gave me the contracted amount for the next movie because I didn\'t charge a penny.
For me, Salman and Sohail are like family members.
There is a big difference.
Detailed planning was done to facilitate the filming of actors.
Everyone is working hard.
Technically, we are on par with the world.
For actors, they are like fashion models,
Builders who work hard to exercise their physique!
No, the actor is going to work for everything today.
He must perform well, have a good body and be a good dancer.
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