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fitness for all: focus on arklow\'s outdoor gymnasium

by:Powerful Toys     2019-12-26
ARKLOW\'s outdoor gym has opened quietly in recent months without fuss, but its popularity has been growing at an alarming rate.
Installed in the popular entertainment district of town near Coral leisure center, skate park, runway and new walkway, open-
The aerial gym attracts a large number of young and old people.
More than 30 different devices are available to the public free of charge and can provide tough workouts as needed.
The emergence of modern and barrier-free gyms opens up a whole new world of fitness for the Arklow community and turns exercise into a popular hobby for people of all ages.
Earlier this year, it opened to the public and became a firm favorite of the local operations transformation group Springy Puddings.
This is a perfect example of a group\'s first attempt to exercise using a fitness device that is set up in such a way that the user does not have the pressure to start fitness to a certain extent.
Members of the Arklow Vikings Special Olympics club are also often seen as using the facility as part of their training system.
The outdoor gym is surrounded by fresh air and enjoys the peace of mind without loud music. It attracts more and more fans every week.
There is also a very positive social aspect of participating in community facilities.
Visitors to the area have been overwhelmed in recent months with this high-quality free public facility.
The outdoor gym is funded through the local government Sports and Leisure grant program of € 85,000 provided by the Arklow Town Council.
It took only a few months from getting the grant to finishing the gym, and now many people dream of not having a gym.
\"I didn\'t expect it to take off like it is right now, but from early morning to late night someone was there to use it, said Mary Nolan Hickey, a local marathon runner and coach.
\"Some mothers can take their children and put the baby in a stroller, and men and women of all ages can use it.
A lot of people have started using the gym and they won\'t be regulars in other gym environments and it\'s nice to see.
According to Mary, the outdoor gym is the perfect facility and is a popular choice for all fitness level people.
\"I saw a lot of people in our running group using it at the end of the run and it was great to see them using it.
For those who have recovered from injuries, this is also their favorite.
Mary said that with the installation of the new gym, aklow has its own full fitness area.
The doom and gloom of the recession have already caused losses to local communities, and aklow is one of the worst hit towns in terms of unemployment and lack of investment.
Low levels of unemployment and disposable income have inspired many to seek budget-friendly ways to spend their time, socialize and stay physically and mentally healthy.
\"I always thought there was a lot of potential in this part of the town.
There is even a 5 km flow free loop that connects back to the runway and to the gym.
In the past, women might not feel safe running it on their own, but now it\'s busy and uses it well every night and they don\'t worry anymore.
It\'s a recession and people want a way to pass the time.
It\'s free and healthy, and of course they can\'t say there\'s nothing to do.
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