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First grade last semester weekend take children to play fun toys inflatable castle

by:Powerful Toys     2020-04-15
9. Edison light bulb production laboratory activity 7 morning Beijing oktoberfest in Munich, nine in the afternoon. 8 in the morning the ancient animal museum Drama theater experience lesson 9 in the afternoon. 14 tap water museum afternoon tennis experience lesson 9 in the morning. 15 buaa rugby weekend & ndash; — American football training camp 9 children. 9 19 wl teenage children library. 21 jinshanling Great Wall. Lesson 28 genius blocks experience ( Lego) 10. 1 - 10. Chengdu swim 10 6. 1 panda base 10. Du fu thatched cottage 2 & ndash; — Width alley & ndash; — Sichuan opera 10. 3 dujiangyan 10. 4 10 huanglongxi ancient town. 5 wuhou temple & ndash; — Wenshu monastery 10. Sichuan science and technology museum 10 6. 13 10 haidian library. 19 garden party - chaoyang park, a foreign language SONY dreams & ndash; Chaoyang park, inflatable castle 10. 10 of 20 Beijing garden show park. 26 sunshine teenager interest peasant games 10. 27 football weekend & ndash; Campus culture festival 11. 2 do pizza - Italian farm 11 inflatable castle. 3 - some pta activities Peasant games 11. 9 11 buaa aviation museum. 10 holy priests front homes - Blues manor soya-bean grinding 11. 17 science fair activities ( Hot air balloon, soil experiment, scientific experiment) 11. 11 23 haidian library. Thanksgiving Day 24 11 small ant activity. 12 30 to visit relatives and friends. 1 the haidian park 12. 7 12 shunyi crumpler lego experience activities. 8 some pta orson directional expedition 12. 15 the campus green park 12. 21 Elan joy Christmas Party 12. 22 12 haidian library. 28 - 1. 1 12 in Hong Kong. 29 - 30 Disneyland 12. 31 Hong Kong science museum, avenue of stars, Victoria peak 1. 11 after rabbit; The movie 'god steal dads 2' 1. 12 last summer holiday, China art museum in kindergarten English and art are finished over the weekend, this semester is determined never to quote any interest class over the weekend, return the weekend to children to play, to experience, to experience. At the start of school, weekend activities, play every weekend, until the mid-term test, only to find that playing too much, then take half a day at home with homework, finish the homework, children pinyin and arithmetic has made progress soon. Start early on the trip in Hong Kong, near days only to find that, New Year's day come back right now is the final exam. Primary school is not a kindergarten, looks after the trip or to consider your child's summer and winter vacations. With books to Hong Kong, but Disney to play too high too tired, just round-trip plane trip, completed some lessons. Come back weekend go all out on the final exam, fortunately a grade exam is not difficult, if not 100 points, the children have to grow by studying hard. Wonderful activity continues to next semester, but this term is also have the lessons and experience, it is white space over the weekend, give the child some free time to myself, even if it is literally a daze. Leave room to turn around.
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