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fiction, fact, fantasy: we need them all in the movies

by:Powerful Toys     2019-09-09
With the release of the latest Star Wars movie, Hollywood once again captured the imagination of the world, following the success of Martianin thesummer.
One is pure fantasy, the other is science.
But both can inspire young people and scientists to a higher level.
While both films involve scientific principles, martian tries to be as realistic as possible, using settings and props based on the actual technology NASA designed to colonize Mars.
Inflatable lab and living module for Dunes
The space agency\'s board is full of SUVs.
NASA scientists have also been consulted to accurately represent the Martian environment, and then filmmakers have pushed the technology a little further into the future to see what happens to people struggling to survive there.
This is science fiction.
Life on Mars: The Movie \"Martian\" starring Matt Damon gets the right perspective-
Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Star Wars, where scientific fantasies will show some scientifically accurate scenes, such as planets running around a double star, but in fact, anything
The character can carry the lightsaber, which packs huge energy into a flashlight-sized handle and brings powerful physical power to the light, which it doesn\'t actually have.
The spaceship makes a scream, turning like a plane in a silent, air-free space.
When the battle looks hopeless, our heroes can jump to super space and run away faster than light travel.
Then there is the force itself, and there are only a few characters in the movie that can understand.
At the same time, a NASA scientist has come up with a better way to build a dead star.
Of course, it would be cheaper to build one with an asteroid, but if you want to destroy a planet, just throw the whole asteroid on it and cause extinction like a dinosaur.
You don\'t need to make some very expensive beam weapons.
Experiments such as advanced LIGOare try to detect elusive gravitational waves in which space-
As Einstein predicted, time stretched and fluctuated.
If we can artificially compress the space in front of the spacecraft and expand it later, we can implement the awarp drive.
Of course, we are far from doing this, but it is important to consider its physical properties, regardless of whether it will lead to distorted driving.
This week, with regard to quirks, we interviewed the author of Ten Billion tomorrow, who focused on many scientific efforts after science fiction.
No matter how accurate they are, most science
According to the film adaptation, whether it is a hostile Martian environment or an evil empire, people have to overcome some form of adversity.
In all cases, characters use any technology available, but more importantly, rely on intelligence and determination to win the day.
As a society, we are faced with some severe challenges as the population grows, natural resources decrease, the Earth warms up, and the environment changes.
To overcome these difficulties, we need new technology, imagination and determination.
Dreams and fantasies can play an important role in pointing out new solutions as we move forward.
So, if you decide to make a science fantasy movie this weekend, let your imagination play.
Enjoy popcorn.
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