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ferrari recalls sports cars for airbag defect

by:Powerful Toys     2019-11-26
Even ultra-
Luxury cars are not immune to the flaws of airbags.
Ferrari, a division of Fiat Chrysler, is recalling 814 cars after finding problems with the assembly of airbags made in Japan.
Headquartered in Takada
The flaw has nothing to do with Takata\'s airbag explosion crisis, which triggered the largest recall in the United States. S. history.
The recall comes as Fiat Chrysler faces potential penalties because of the U. S.
Regulators say the automaker has failed \"repeatedly\" in quickly and successfully repairing vehicles.
At the same time, Fiat Chrysler is about to apply for an initial public offering for Ferrari ).
This particular defect affecting some 2015 models-
Ferrari model of the year, \"in connection with the relevant combination of insufficient leather adhesion on the driver\'s side airbag cover and the possible rotary installation of the driver\'s airbag pad in the airbag module, ferrari told the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in the recall document.
According to the documents, Takada informed Ferrari on June 16 of possible defects and the company decided on June 22 that the recall was necessary.
Due to the \"very limited\" stool, the possibility of incorrect airbag deployment is very limited, but Ferrari says it orders dealers to temporarily stop selling these vehicles \"out of caution\" until the problem is corrected.
The recall affected 2015 versions of Italian 458, FF, berberlinetta, 458 Spiders, 458 species, and species A of TandLaFerrari, California, manufactured in December.
19-April 29.
In addition, Takada is currently involved in a massive crisis involving airbags, which can deteriorate over time and explode in an accident, causing shrapnel to hurt passengers.
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