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feature: kuc has seen some things

by:Powerful Toys     2019-09-30
When people ask me about my career as a sports journalist, I often say, \"I see something.
\"This is the way I started collecting ideas and then recalling some of the amazing people and events I had the privilege of recording over the years.
Most of these experiences revolve around the Black Hawks. When I grew up in Chicago, I was a fan of the Black Hawks.
When I was in my first game, I was already a devotee of the Blackhawks --
Maple leaves on February.
Chicago Stadium-1980-
So when the audience shouted \"Tony! Tony!
\"I was dizzy after Tony Esposito\'s wonderful save.
Then, when a thunderous \"America! USA!
\"Chant broke out after announcing that the United States defeated West Germany, 4-
2. Advance to the semi-finals of 1980 Winter Olympics in Lake Placid. Y.
I was totally fascinated.
Throughout high school, I sometimes skip classes with some friends so that we can buy tickets six times in advance and do so in those days.
On the first day of college, I walked into the classroom with a black eagle media guide, which I claimed in my work at the Chicago Tribune.
Sitting in the front row is a classmate in the Arctic Star sweater. We eye-
When I sat down on the other side of the room, we made a piece of each other.
My favorite players at the time were Dennis Savard, Al scherford, Eddie olchick, Troy Murray, Steve Lammer, and especially Doug Wilson.
My passion for hockey has never wavered, even when I became the Tribune Blackhawks beat reporters in 2007, I had to give up my fans.
Although I am no longer a fan due to my news work, I am always able to appreciate the amazing things that talented players do
Give up the game, at the same time, for the benefit of the team and teammates, often sacrifice their body.
What a wonderful journey for the next nine years or so.
My first assignment was to report the Draft NHL for 07 in Columbus.
The Black Eagle team won the first place.
1 overall selection and selection of franchises-turning .
Then Rocky Witts and John McDonough are the team chairs, and the rest is history, as they say.
When the Blackhawks won the first Stanley Cup in 49 years, I was in Philadelphia and one of my best memories was on the ice shortly after Game 6, with the people at the time
Coach Joel Quenneville just said with a smile, \"Chris Ku is here,\" and we continue our respective paths.
I was there for the next two tournaments, and along the way I found myself in some unique situation.
I was in the audience when the team joined Jay Leno for 2010 recordings of The Tonight Show.
\"Kane and everyone wore the medals they recently won at 2010 Olympic Games in Vancouver and played a short play with Leno.
Kane said that the silver medal he won for the US team made a dazzling light, leaving Renault in the monologue, Toews, Keith and Seabrook stood up and said, \"Wait, Jay.
I\'m pretty sure these three Canadian gold medals will catch my eye.
\"It was a good laugh, and I remember after the show, someone asked Toews what it was like to read his lines from the sign, and he replied, on 2014, at the Vancouver Olympics, the Black Eagle players represent their respective countries, and once again in Sochi, Russia, I am \"what sign \".
I\'m always amazed at where I find myself when covering the most popular team in the NHL.
After leaving the Black Hawks,
After 2015 Cup games, I found myself in Washington, D. C. , contributing several years to the team. C.
Last season it was written about the defending champion Stanley Cup.
I had a good time in Washington. C.
And build some friendship that I will cherish for the rest of my life.
But as one of the notorious former co-center tenants once said: \"I\'m back.
\"In my role I will take you above and beyond the final score and in-
Deep features, analysis, and reviews.
Working with Bob wildy and Fred Mitchell
The two writers I value most
We will work with Eric Lear, Blackhawks TV and the social media team to provide you with the most comprehensive and interesting coverage of the NHL.
This is a new era of Black Hawk coverage. com.
Let\'s put the ice hockey down!
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