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Faulty airbags lead to suspension of vehicle registration

by:Powerful Toys     2019-11-01
Registration of 10 Tasmania cars was suspended due to a airbag failure.State council growth said that five of the 10 suspended incidents had been corrected, two in the north, one in the north and two in the South were still suspended.The Australian Competition and Consumer Council has warned 35 Tasman people that they will stop driving if their vehicle is equipped with an alpha airbag inflator.
A spokesman for ACCC said that during the period ended December 31, 2018, the latest Tasmanian recall progress data showedxa0Yes.xa035 Alpha airbag inflators and 20,224 non-The alpha-defective Takata airbag inflator in 17,964 vehicles is still to be replaced.\"ACCC expects that 35 vehicles equipped with Alpha airbag inflators will be given absolute priority by Tasman car dealers,\" the spokesman said .
\"It is strongly recommended that the owners of these vehicles stop driving their vehicles immediately.\"When their vehicle is in active recall status, consumers should not experience any delay in replacing the Alpha airbag.\"If consumers encounter any difficulties, they can complain to the car manufacturer or contact ACCC.
A state growth spokesman said the 35 vehicles mentioned by ACCC includexa0Up to two expired registrationsxa0Year.The vehicles, he said, are not currently suspended and should be suspendedxa0Don\'t drive on the road.Nor will they pass the required checks for re-inspectionregistration.
ACCCxa0Investigations into Takata airbag recalls began on August 2017, with nearly 2 million inflatorsxa0Replaced.RACT spokesman Darren Moody said as many as 18,000 airbags in Tasmania state vehicles need to be replaced, and more vehicles are added to the list as the airbags age.\"Ifxa0The owner received it.xa0\"Their car manufacturer\'s information about the replacement of the airbag, please take immediate action and contact the dealer,\" he said .
\"There is no cost to replace the airbag.
You can bexa0Www.
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