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Faulty airbag at centre of recall to blame for death of Sydney man

by:Powerful Toys     2019-11-02
Participated inxa0Crashed in southern Sydneywest last week.Ofxa0Last Thursday, a 58-year-old man drove a Honda CRV and collided with a Toyota Celica at the intersection of Mallee and American Church Street.xa0Cabramatta.Axa0The new state police investigation found that he died on the spot after being hit by a small fragment in the neck.
He was traveling with a woman, she was on the sceneLife-threatening injuriesToyota drivers and passengers, two.xa0Also suffered minor injuries at the scene.The theme is Honda CRV.xa0Recall of faulty drivers worldwidexa0And passengersxa0Airbags earlier this year.
That man\'sxa0The death has now been reported to the police.xa0New state coronerxa0Determine if an investigation is required.Earlier this year, Honda was forced to recall more than 25,000 cars in Australia.
xa0Equipped with a possible fatal Takata airbag.When the replacement part was found to have the same defect, another 600 was recalled for the second time.The last recall particularly affected the owners of Honda civilian cars manufactured in 2000, as well as the 2012 versions of CRV, jazz, city, Insight, Accord and legend.
According to industry reports, the Japanese carmaker has recalled almost every car sold in Australia in the past 15 years to replace airbags.About 650,000 new airbags have been modified since then.Aboutxa0Takadaxa0Cabin airbags before April.
New Statexa0Police now.
xa0Owners and drivers of affected cars are urged to take action as soon as possible.Latest Consumer UpdateDeath last weekxa0It is the latest airbag-related incident affecting Australian drivers.In April, a woman from Darwinxa0Hit the headxa0Metal shrapnel discharged from Toyota Rav 4 faulty Takata airbagxa0When she was drivingxa0Participated in a lowspeed collison.
The following isxa0Sydney man Takata airbag killed last weekxa0Now 17.xa0Deaths worldwide, includingxa0Once American manxa0When his 2002 Honda Accord airbags unfolded after a slight collision, a piece of metal flew into his neck
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