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family travel: make the most of your hong kong layover

by:Powerful Toys     2019-09-15
Visit Hong Kong in three months
A stopover of the dayyear-
The old one sounds interesting, although a bit ridiculous concept, with some plans, flexible schedules and an open mind, this is a feat that is entirely possible.
Of course, half of our trip was centered on the theme park, but we also managed to miss out on some cultural experiences.
From exploring the happiest places in the world, to discovering landmarks on a whirlwind sightseeing tour, we conquered most of Hong Kong\'s families --
Highlight and tell the story alive.
Hong Kong Disneyland covers a small area, with less traffic and convenient geographical location—just 10-
Only minutes from the airport
The world\'s smallest Disneyland is perfect for families to play in a short time.
To maximize the magic of Mickey and the gang, we spent an evening at the park\'s newest resort Explorer cottage.
Book a sea view room and give priority to a pass for three attractions and an early seat for The Lion King\'s Dayan action-
Live music production.
We cashed in the Priority Pass to watch Donald Duck\'s fantasy journey on a larger scalethan-life 4D-
The film Mickey\'s Philliesride the high-speed hair-
Raise the roller coaster Grizzly Bear Mountain runaway mine;
Explore the haunted mystery Estatea park-
Unique Attraction with weird realistic animations.
Hong Kong Disneyland also offers fast access to two rides: Star Wars-themed Super Space Mountain-
Many Adventures of the roller coaster and Winnie the Pooh are very popular.
It\'s better to visit these spots early and cross them off the list.
To help you plan your day, download the Hong Kong Disneyland app for interactive maps, wait times for attractions, parade details, and where the characters will come out.
Located on the south side of Hong Kong Island, Ocean Park is a unique ocean park.
Wildlife exhibitions and theme attractions are included.
While we found the park much busier than Disneyland, it was still a day-worth trip for families visiting Hong Kong.
Create a game
Planning is essential for visiting Ocean Park.
Upon arrival, head to the magnificent aquarium and enjoy over 400 fish and four fish species
Floor Marine tank
After that, take a look at the giant pandas in the nearby Sichuan treasure circle, and then board the Ocean Express train to visit the park\'s top attractions.
Here, seals and walruses who meet in the Arctic steal the show, followed by the rainforest\'s Rapids raft trip.
Return to the park by the open waterfront-
The cable car overlooks the park and the Chinese sea.
Complete your adventure by strolling through the theme Street View of old Hong Kong, showcasing architectural styles from 1950 to 1970.
Take an ice cream or some local street food from one of the stalls before departure. Stress-
Travel freely with children on the bustling streets of Hong Kong, feeling daunting, aboard BigBus hop-on-hop-off tours.
There are three routes to choose from-
Commenting on the fact of sharing the culture, history and architecture of the area is an easy way to discover the iconic buildings of Hong Kong.
We chose one. and-a-half-
An hour island tour including Central Star Ferry, Causeway Bay, Victoria Park and Victoria Peak Tram.
If young children lose interest, pack up some busy books or coloring pads to help them occupy.
When passengers wear headphones, listen.
With recorded reviews, noisy kids have little impact on other guests.
Buses are frequent every 30-9 stops
Minutes, which also allows us to take a quick break when our daughter is upset. Sky-
The vast skyline of Hong Kong is a spectacular sight with several options to choose from. Head to the 60-metre-
Located on the 7 th high observation wheel of Star Ferry central pier, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Victoria Harbour.
After that, on-
Happy Cow coconut ice cream stand-
The banana caramel Whirlpool is sacred.
For more dramatic panoramic views and lessons from the local history, take a peak tram and stop on a Hong Kong Sky Tour --
An interactive exploration of the island\'s architecture, neighborhoods, history and culture.
Or skip the crowd and taste the fashion at the Ritz
Carlton Hotels
The highest rooftop bar in the world
The scenery here is unparalleled, and it is the best place to watch the multimedia lighting performance \"Symphony of Lights.
Children between the ages of 5 and 9 are welcome. m.
If you want a window seat, it\'s better to arrive early.
OZONE, with its craft cocktails and Asian snacks, is by far our favorite place to enjoy Hong Kong cuisine.
Down the skyline.
During the period from November, visit Hong Kong to visit the hot and humid summer season of TipsAvoid.
In the hotel, you will find that the hotel is located in the center of the city and the swimming pool is great.
We chose the JW Marriott Hotel, which includes a complimentary breakfast buffet and a light dinner in the lounge with my golden elite status.
After a day of exploration, seventh
The outdoor pool with views of the skyscrapers is a popular Oasis.
The hotel\'s Discover Hong Kong package includes a bus, a Star Ferry and a peak tram pass, perfect for families looking to save on sightseeing.
Although the subway system located directly below JW is simple to use, taxis (cash only)
We found Uber to be the easiest to reach when commuting with children.
Cathay Pacific\'s partnership with Air Canada and WestJet provides a seamless choice for travelers.
We checked our luggage in Calgary and picked them up at our final destination.
If it\'s in your budget, spend the money on a premium economy.
The extra legroom, elevated footrest and wider seating, and lower recline allow us to rest and be ready to explore.
We also bought a small inflatable footrest for our daughter so she can lie flat in her seat.
Pay attention to advanced economic sales, or book a standard seat and bid for an upgrade a week before the flight takes off for greater savings.
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