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family the victims of cruel deed, says nun

by:Powerful Toys     2019-08-30
This is a tough pre
Sister Brigitte Arthur felt a little frustrated with the Christmas blow. Two-and-a-
Half a year ago, she escorted the fugitive alamda and Montaze Bach Yali from the warmara detention center to the British consulate on Collins Street for political asylum.
She never knew the boys until that day, but she kept a close eye on their situation.
Yesterday, she expressed sadness at the Bakhtiyari family, which is now facing deportation, accusing the Australian and New Zealand governments of being severely treated and lacking compassion.
\"I think it\'s very cruel to have the children in the community just to get them back into custody,\" she said . \".
Sister Brigitte said she was not surprised that the New Zealand government would not consider accepting Bakhtiyaris.
\"As long as the\" family \"is universal, every government is very excited about the\" family \",\" she said . \".
\"But once it comes to a family --
Especially if they don\'t like it.
It seems to me that if that family suffers, then, somehow, it doesn\'t matter.
In order to convey the message, the Bakhtiyari family was brutally sacrificed, she said.
Sister Brigitte said the family\'s high profile may have damaged their request, but that high profile is necessary in order to make the refugees human.
\"Anonymous people will be treated by bureaucracy --
\"That\'s the way you move the furniture and let people move around,\" she said . \".
For more than 40 years, the brigiid nun Group has partnered with the Brigidine Asylum seeker program, which provides housing and support for 15 refugees on a bridge visa.
She helped organize a Christmas party at the maribinong detention center today.
Australian democratic senator Andrew Bartlett, five days after no food, expects his support for hunger to end soon --
Asylum seekers are on strike today.
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