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facebook breaking canada\'s privacy laws: has 30 days to fix

by:Powerful Toys     2019-11-09
Stoddart released her report, which was caused by Internet complaints, calling on Facebook to align its practices with Canadian privacy law.
\"It is clear that privacy issues are Facebook\'s top concern, but we find that there is a serious privacy gap in how the site operates,\" Stoddart said in a press release . \".
The privacy office in Canada said Facebook had taken steps to address some of the proposals, but noted that Facebook had not yet agreed to implement them.
Stoddart will give Facebook 30 days to follow these suggestions.
The privacy office will then review facebook\'s actions.
If the company fails to complete by the deadline, the Privacy Commissioner can go to the Federal Court of Canada to enforce these proposals.
The survey reveals areas where Facebook must strengthen its privacy policy to comply with Canadian privacy laws.
A key issue is the confusion of Facebook\'s privacy practices.
For example, the Privacy Office said that Facebook\'s account setup page tells users how to deactivate the account, but does not tell users how to delete the account to remove personal data from Facebook\'s server.
Other questions raised by the investigation include :-
Share user personal information with third parties
The developer who created the Facebook app.
The privacy office found that Facebook lacked safeguards to restrict external developers from accessing personal information.
-Facebook\'s policy of keeping personal information indefinitely for people who deactivate accounts violates the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documentation Act (PIPEDA)
Private in Canada
Industry privacy law.
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