explore: pride parade on sunday 11 a.m. starting on government st.

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The week-
The long Victorian pride week will end on Sunday at MacDonald Park in downtown Victoria and James Bay.
Watch more than 120 groups of parades (
Or take a flower car)
Express solidarity with the LGBTQ community and its allies.
This year is 26 years of the parade, including sponsors, local businesses and non-
Profitable institutions.
\"It\'s great to see the Victorian embrace the Pride Parade year after year,\" said Scott Daley, communications director of the Victoria Pride Association, who organized the event.
\"The atmosphere is great.
Everyone is very happy, which gives us strength.
\"Daley predicts that the parade route will have between 30,000 and 40,000 people lined up, and the parade route starts at the corner of Pandora Avenue and government Street, to MacDonald Park, on the streets of Oswego and Simcoe
After the parade, with thousands of people in the park looking for a gay
The theme festival includes two stages of music and entertainment, beer gardens, food trucks, supplier areas and children\'s camps.
\"There will be a wide variety of entertainment and vendors,\" said Daley . \".
\"Our income in space has reached its peak --
There are more entrances than rooms to accommodate them.
All activities are free.
The march began at 11. m. to 12:30 p. m.
The festival in the park starts at noon and lasts until 6 in the evening. m.
One of the favorite events of the week --
The long celebration was a big gay dog walk on Dallas Road on Friday.
This event is an opportunity for dogs (
And their humans)
Play a game with friends.
There will be costumes and Magic games with prizes at 7 p. m. No dog? No problem.
Even if you don\'t have your own furry friends, everyone is welcome.
The party is free.
It goes from 6 to 9. m.
Dallas Road on Friday.
The dog belt area at the intersection of Dallas and Cook Street.
For more information on these two events, please visit Victorian society. Org or Facebook.
Take your appetite, lawn chairs and blankets at Saanich Strawberry Festival at Lake Beaver Park on Sunday.
The festival, which was originally celebrated as the agricultural root of Sanic, has now developed into a family --
All kinds of activities, information display, face-friendly community activities
Painting, project presentations, art and crafts stations, and inflatable entertainment venues.
A variety of performances will be performed in two stages, including price tags, tropical chaos and the brigadier general band on the upper stage (Close to Main Beach)
Traditional Lekwungen dancers, Chinese cultural dances Victoria, Bollywood beats and Sanpaguita dancers are on the lower stage next to the filter bed area near the picnic shelter.
Get your ticket in advance.
Still only 50 cents of popular strawberries and ice cream.
From 11: 00, tickets will only sell 3,800 tickets. m.
And the quantity continues.
Tickets may be sold out from 2: 30 to 2: 45. m.
So don\'t delay.
Seasonal treatment will be provided between 1 and 3 p. m.
Free activities.
Start at 11. m. to 3 p. m.
Sunday at Lake Beaver Park, 726 Lake Beaver Road. , Saanich.
For more information, visit saanich. ca.
Listen to live music at three concerts
Including the government building. this week. B. C. Lt. -Gov.
Janet Austin will host a live music party tonight with the Chris Millington band at the banbe government building.
This is the first of the lawn summer concert series.
The Chris Millington band will play both pop and R & B classics.
Bring your own blanket or chair.
Food can be bought from a food truck or packed for a picnic.
Free admission.
It goes from 6 to 8. m.
It is located at the band playing place on the east lawn of Government building at 1401 Rockland Avenue.
Come early, come by yourself.
Guided tour of the government building between 4: 30 and 5: 30m.
Other music for the Lawn concert was held on 18 and July 11.
More information can be found here.
Bring your lawn chair or blanket to listen to contemporary music on Saturday at the annual Sea concert played by Sydney Beacon Park band.
The concert is performed by the Victoria Accordion Club Band, including songs such as 24-hour rock and roll, Diana and Snowbird.
The band can even play a polka or two.
Bring your own lawn chair, sunscreen, hat and water.
Tickets to the beach concert are free.
It runs from 2 to 4 p. m.
In the band at Port Pl 9801 Lantern Park. , Sidney.
For more information, go to the iaaccordionclub. com.
The theme of this week\'s Summer Academy concert at the Victoria Conservatory of Music is Bruce Vogt\'s piano performance, which is at Philip T on Saturday.
Young Concert Hall
Vogt will play two of Chopin\'s serenades.
116, brahm \'intermezzo, Op. 119 No.
In B minor, blams played with the theme of Schumann.
Admission through donation.
The concert was held from 7: 30 to 9: 00. m.
The hall is located at the University of Victoria, 3800 finnitty Road.
For more information, visit vcm. bc. ca.
During two activities for the gardener on Saturday, see and smell the flowers of the summer.
At the Summer Exhibition of the Victoria Lily society, give your nose a sweet scent gift.
This exhibition is perfect for photographers with Lily, Rose, ferns, flowers and leaves, herbs, fruits, vegetables, etc.
Take home some scented plants from the sale, including potted lilies, woodland plants, peony and a selection of other members.
Drink tea with your favorite gardener in elegant England
Homemade scones and delicious tea/coffee for $5.
Admission through donation.
The show starts at 10. m. to 4 p. m.
United Church at cadborough Bay on Saturday, 2625 Arbutus Road.
Lots of free parking, wheelchair accessible-accessible.
For more information, please visit Victoria society. ca. • Take a self-
Six unique gardens on a garden tour in the West Bank, guided Saturday at different locations.
The fundraising event was hosted by the International Association of Professional Women\'s Welfare mutual aid in the West Bank of Victoria.
Guests will receive a program with a map and information about each garden.
You can visit the garden at your own pace.
After the visit, everyone was invited to participate in Metchosin\'s down-to-earth garden landscape design and the garden party of the nursery, to mingle together, to listen to relaxed entertainment and enjoy a lively reception, buy some food on the food truck.
You can also take your portrait, learn to insert flowers, or listen to a guitarist.
Tickets are $25.
The garden is open from 10. m. to 6 p. m.
The garden party reception is from 3 to 6. m.
At 1096 Derrien Plc. , Metchosin.
For more information, visit sivs/wgt.
Know the truth-
When the Christian cathedral opens for the summer, the Angels of life and listen to music are inside and on the playground.
Take a special tour on Friday to explore the female characters in the harp and Angel Church, about the real
Including a British heiress who funded churches and bridal boats.
See the works of avant-garde artists and see the modern interpretation of Mary in stained glass.
This tour is part of a new series of Duomo including tea and a concert by Victoria Hampstead gwinis Evans.
Tour from 2: 30 to 3: 30. m. Friday.
Tickets for $15 are available at the cathedral office or via Eventbrite.
There will be two concerts in the cathedral on Saturday.
Raven Baroque, a band playing popular songs in the 1650 s, will perform a free concert on the South Lawn of the cathedral from 11: 30 to 11. m.
In the afternoon, as part of a series of summer concerts in the cathedral, the brass quintet Brasstastic will hold a concert.
The music group has performed guest appearances with a number of community ensembles including the big Victoria Concert Band and the Victoria Philharmonic Choir.
Admission through donation.
Brasstastic will be from month to month p. m.
All the shows are held at 930 Burdett Ave\'s Christian cathedral.
For more information, visit the Christian cathedral. bc. ca.
Discover the vibrancy and diversity of kelliasi-
Meet your neighbors.
On Saturday at the west side of the village at Banfield Park.
The event was hosted by the Western Victoria Community Association and performed live by busada instead of my monkey and other local musicians.
There will be activities for children (
Including water)while grown-
Ups can retire to the beer garden.
Food trucks will be at hand and local businesses will display their goods.
The Kelsey food safety organization will organize a tour of the orchard.
Activities are free.
From noon to 6 in the evening. m.
Saturday at Banfield Park, 521 Craigflower Road.
Please visit Facebook for information.
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