exclusive: people smugglers buying boats on facebook for channel crossing, telegraph finds

by:Powerful Toys     2019-09-18
According to The Daily Telegraph, dozens of boats were sold on Facebook, an hour\'s drive from Calais, for less than 15,000 euros. Migrants and smugglers use social media sites to find sources for ships.
The \"market\" is favored by Iranian and Iraqi groups who intend to organize their own crossing of the strait as they can get together, buy a boat at a much lower price than they have to pay the smugglers.
However, smugglers are also believed to have used the site to purchase ships.
Today, the Telegraph found 25 online ads selling ships within a 40-mile radius of Calais for less than 15,000 euros.
It includes a Quiksilver 5-meter cruiser worth 6,000 euros and a small fishing boat worth 2,300 euros with a 50cc outboard motor.
You can also purchase \"zodiac\" for more than 1000 euros \"-
Inflatable boats used by immigrants to cross the strait.
\"I like this and it looks safe,\" said an Iraqi young man named Ali, who was browsing the site at a camp in Calais.
\"In a small town nearby, a small\" sturgeon \"boat of 2,400 euros is even equipped with life jackets,\" he said. Perfect!
Ali added: \"I have friends like this coming to the UK.
\"They don\'t want to use smugglers because they are too dangerous and they don\'t want to steal ships because they are not bad guys.
His friends and his companions
Akram said: \"I have heard that smugglers are also buying boats on Facebook.
They have to get them from nearby so it makes sense.
\"This morning, border forces staff detained six migrants on the beach in Kingsdown, Kent, and it is known that since Christmas Eve, the number of migrants trying to cross the border has reached 100.
Of the 100 passengers, 89 have arrived in the UK or have been rescued by the British authorities.
The incident that led to the announcement of \"major events\" by the interior minister Sajid Javid.
Facebook acknowledged that the nature of Calais as a working port meant that ships were always likely to be sold, but said they took the questions raised by the telegram seriously.
A spokesman for the tech giant said: \"smuggling people is illegal, any advertisement, Post, page or group
Coordination of the campaign is not allowed on Facebook.
\"We work closely with law enforcement agencies around the world, including Europol, to identify, remove and report such illegal activities, we always improve the methods we use to identify content that violates our policies, including doubling our safety and security team to 30,000 people and investing in technology.
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