ethiopian airlines flight crashes, killing 157

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Nairobi/Adriatic (Reuters)-
An esse flight to Nairobi crashed a few minutes after takeoff.
Taking off on Sunday, all 157 people on board were killed and questioned the safety of the Boeing 737 MAX 8. The new model also crashed in Indonesia on October.
Sunday\'s flight left the Bole airport in adiabba at 8: 38 a. m. m. (0538 GMT)
Before losing contact with the control tower a few minutes laterm.
\"No survivors,\" the airline tweeted a photo of ceo Tewolde GebreMariam lifting a piece of debris in a big pit at the scene of the accident.
\"The pilot mentioned that he had difficulties and he wanted to come back,\" Tewolde said at a press conference . \".
Tewolde says there are passengers from 33 countries on board.
The dead included Kenya, Ethiopia, the United States, Canada, France, China, Egypt, Sweden, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, India, Slovakia, Austria, Sweden, Russia, Morocco, Spain, Poland and Israel. citizens
The airline says at least four companies work for the United Nations, the U. N.
The director of the World Food Programme confirmed that his organization had lost its staff in the accident.
At the airports in Nairobi and adeabeba, the crying relatives requested information.
\"We\'re just waiting for my mom.
We just wanted her on another flight or was delayed.
\"She didn\'t pick up her phone,\" said Wendy otino, crying with her phone in her hand.
The plane is a 737 MAX 8, the same model that crashed into the Java Sea shortly after the plane took off.
Taking off from Jakarta on October 29, all 189 people on lion airlines were killed.
The cause of the accident is still under investigation. A senior U. S.
Government officials say it is too early to judge whether there is a direct link between the two accidents, but reviewing the issue will be one of the top priorities for investigators.
737 is one of the world\'s best-selling modern passenger planes and is considered one of the most reliable in the industry.
The preliminary report of the October crash focused on the maintenance and training of airlines and Boeing\'s-
A sensor was recently replaced.
Boeing is developing software patches for the system, while insisting that cockpit procedures are in place to safely handle the problems encountered by Lion\'s air crew.
Tewolde said that there was no documented technical problem with the new Esher aircraft and that the pilot\'s flight record was \"very good \".
\"We received the plane on November 15, 2018.
It has been flying for more than 1,200 hours.
\"Earlier this morning, the plane took off from Johannesburg,\" he said . \".
\"Unstable speed\" flight ET 302, registration number ET-
AVJ crashed near the town of Bish oftu, 62 km kilometers away38 miles)
The airline says it is located in the southern part of the capital, Southeast Asia, with 149 passengers and eight crew members on board.
Flight tracking website Flightradar24 wrote on Twitter that the vertical speed after the plane took off was unstable.
Data released by Sweden
Service personnel at the headquarters said the plane had climbed nearly 1,000 feet since taking off from addiabba.
Airports with smaller elevations require additional effort from aircraft engines.
It dropped by about 450 feet and then quickly rose by 900 feet until satellite tracking data was lost.
A Reuters reporter at the scene of the accident said the plane had broken into many pieces and was badly burned.
The place where the plane landed was full of clothes and personal belongings.
There is no indication of what caused the accident, and safety experts say it is too early to speculate, adding that most accidents are caused by a range of factors.
Investigators will check the remains and bodies for signs of burns or abnormal strength, they said, and study the shape and size of the debris field.
The top priority is to find these two crashes.
Protection cockpit recorder
One for the data and the other for the recording of the pilot.
Boeing says it will send a technical team to help Ethiopia
Leadership Survey
At Nairobi airport, many relatives waited in pain for several hours and the airport authorities did not provide any information.
Some people learned of the accident from reporters.
Robert Muda, 46, is waiting for his brother. in-
Citizen of Canada, law.
\"No, we didn\'t see anyone at the airline or at the airport,\" he told Reuters at one o\'clock P. M. , more than three hours after the flight was lost.
\"Nobody told us anything, we just stood here hoping for the best.
\"Kenyan officials did not arrive at the airport until 1: 30. m.
James Macharia, cabinet transportation minister, said he had heard about the accident on Twitter.
19 employees from at least five United StatesN.
Relevant organizations, including the World Food Programme, have died. N.
United Nations refugee agency, International Telecom Union, United States of AmericaN.
The International Organization for Migration says environmental projects, the World Bank and the International Organization for Migration.
According to international rules, the responsibility for leading the investigation of the crash is in Ethiopia, but the United StatesS.
National Committee on traffic safety (NTSB)
Because the aircraft is designed and manufactured in the United States, it will also participate.
Representative of Boeing and Cincinnatibased engine-
CFM International, a joint venture manufacturer of General Electric and French Safran SA, is expected to advise NTSB.
According to fleet size, Ethiopia is one of the largest airlines on the continent.
The plane is 6 of the 30 Boeing 737 MAX 8 jets ordered by fast-expanding airlines.
The CEO said the fleet will continue to fly because of the crash.
The last major accident occurred on January 2010, when a flight from Beirut crashed shortly after it took off --
All 90 people on board were killed.
The Lebanese side accused the pilots of making mistakes, but the airline questioned them.
North American Airlines, which operates 737 MAX 8, said they are monitoring the investigation.
Southwest Airlines has a maximum of 31 aircraft, while American Airlines and Air Canada have 24 aircraft, respectively.
Southwest Airlines says it remains confident in the safety of more than 750 Boeing aircraft. (
It will be easier to hold Hereward Netherlands, Omar Mohammed and Catherine Houreld in Nairobi;
In the picture of semilan Tiksa bishaff;
Tim Hepher of Paris, Jamie Freed of Singapore, Allison Lampert of Montreal, David Shephardson of Washington;
Catherine Houreld of writing;
Edited by Elaine hadcast and Jane Merriman)
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