Essence inflatable toy factory to teach you a comprehensive understanding of inflatable trampoline

by:Powerful Toys     2020-04-11
People like to inflatable trampoline, because a lot of inflatable trampoline is very realistic. This time we will think, if the inflatable trampoline move, so the inflatable trampoline electric vehicles was born. So let's introduce inflatable trampoline electric vehicles. 1, appearance. Inflatable trampoline electric brings together many toys at a suit, the characteristics of children's toys, electric toys, inflatable trampoline, for instance. Now can say this is a very good toys, inflatable trampoline electric main is for the model, some common animals such as dogs, cats, pleasant goat and so on, people are very like small animals. Outside of the fabric is to use a very high-grade wool fabrics. Appearance is very lively and lovely, can give a person a kind of the feeling that find everything new and fresh. Is also very wide range, can supply options, the children will be more like it. 2, can be replaced. There is MP 3 stereo player in inflatable trampoline electric vehicles, can be fixed on the first fixed nursery rhymes, at the same time also can download. When the inside of the songs played after a period of time, you can download some new songs. It would be very good, just changed a single style. 3, simple startup mode. In general, there are three kinds of inflatable trampoline electric startup mode: remote control, manual and coin. Manual control switch, also can make toys, forward and backward. But this toy is suitable for children aged 4 to play, of course, can also regularly, usually within an hour arbitrarily set. There is coin machine, one can put 1 & ndash; 5 COINS. Inflatable trampoline electric operation is very simple, is the best way to entertainment children.
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