Essence inflatable swimming pools do the preparation before and after use

by:Powerful Toys     2020-04-19
Inflatable swimming pool before use to prepare to introduce today is about the need to prepare before the inflatable swimming pool in the use of knowledge, the use of inflatable swimming pool customers look together! Inflatable swimming pool should be at the beginning of the work mainly the following points: 1, according to the requirements of the job to choose the appropriate dispersion plate, mixing head. Exchanging the inflatable swimming pool inflatable joint method: first using a wrench, screw air joint mother unscrew and remove for inflatable joints and install the new air connector. 2, inflatable swimming pool again after turning on the power supply, open the power switch inflatable swimming pool motor speed regulating rotate button to the right on the twist slowly start spinning, twisting to the left motor would slowly lower speed inflatable swimming pool, when inflatable swimming pool for high speed stirring rod there will be a small wave oscillation this is normal phenomenon. 3, after the completion of the work will speed to return to zero, to cut off the inflatable swimming pool inflatable pull out the power plug. 4, after using inflatable swimming pool should be cleaned in time.
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