Essence analysis, 2016 pool amusement equipment industry's overall sales

by:Powerful Toys     2020-04-17
Reported in recent years because of amusement equipment industry gradually transition to the bracket, pools of light s market shows an explosive growth of falsework pool, followed by new stents pool manufacturers like ma. But 2015 stents pools of light industry of slowing growth in the first time to present the big ups and downs. In fact affected by exchange rate turmoil on the world market in our country stent pool export growth has slowed in the end of 2014, 2015, affected by the global economic recession stent pools of light weak demand in our country, although in 5 - July have crept up but in the first half of the market demand rob made stents pool industrial chain fell 30 - quotation 50%, stent pool research institutions concerned research, said the slowdown in demand and competition aggravating estimates will be beyond 20% throughout the year as well as the influence of the calculation about 5000 stents pool related companies exit the market. Actual data while the industry doubt influenced by the intense competition, such as quotation and product homogeneity, can indeed see a lot of small and medium-sized stent pool company the exiting amusement equipment market, leading some stents pool failed companies are selling cheaply, out of stock, and on the formation of a stent pool's marketing impact of a vicious cycle.
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