escaped art poised to become current affair

by:Powerful Toys     2019-10-04
Melbourne will open the gallery\'s doors to allow art to play in the river.
This strange fantasy will be captured in the first dream festival
Art and Music Day celebrations along the Yarra River on October 3-6.
Wooden sculptures, giant inflatable toys, prints and mosaics by some of Australia\'s most prolific artists will be on display in birarung Marr and the river.
The film festival\'s creative director, Andrew Walsh, produced the opening and closing ceremonies at the Athens Olympics and Melbourne Commonwealth Games, saying the event would turn Binjiang into an outdoor gallery.
\"People will be able to move between art, because a 30-meter-long bridge is built on the river, so it will take the art to a forum where it can be much easier, said Mr. Walsh.
\"This will show the public that art does not have to be serious, but can be exhibited for the benefit of itself and have a good time.
\"Felix Ribel of The Cat Empire will create an accompanying soundtrack with every artist.
For more information, please visit www. dreamfestival. com.
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