edward rooney: airbag replacement requires as little as an hour

by:Powerful Toys     2019-12-05
After ten minutes of phone calls, I have arranged for the repair of my potentially fatal car airbag.
About a year ago I received a letter from Toyota advising that there might be a problem with the airbag on my 2001 Toyota Corolla.
I was surprised Toyota had my details as I purchased the car from Turner auction a few years ago and was only serviced by a local mechanic.
I called the local Toyota dealer to schedule the time to get the car in, but we couldn\'t agree at some point that week.
The letter was stuck in the refrigerator by a magnet and disappeared quietly.
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I Googled \"Toyota New Zealand\" and called 0800 869682.
The first woman took my registration number and confirmed that my car was affected by the recall.
\"We do have the right parts now.
I can now connect you with the Toyota dealership closest to you, where do you live?
\"I sighed and looked forward to waiting for a while.
\"Hi Edward,\" said a voice almost immediately.
\"I know you want to book a replacement airbag?
\"All I need to do is get some details from you because you have never been with us before, have you?
\"I was told it would take an hour and a half for the car to be completed in the next week.
Seems to be available multiple times.
If I want a concierge I have to wait until next week.
She doesn\'t know what product\'s airbag will be in the car, but it won\'t be the one for Alpha Takata.
She thinks my car has only been on the recall list recently.
\"I believe it has just come out so you can install it for free.
Someone will check the process with you when you come in.
\"You can wait in our lounge where you can enjoy free coffee and free wireless Internet access
And even free muffins.
Just do it yourself.
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