Educational toys to promote the development of the various senses and knowledge growth

by:Powerful Toys     2020-05-10
Now in the market of various toys, parents should choose friends that educational toys to develop children's intelligence, and the price is cheap? Intelligence toy box is your best choice. Wise toy box will promote the development of child senses and intellectual growth. Intelligent toy box has the characteristics of object iconicity, children get in touch, see and, in the process of listening, blow, play is for the training of the senses. Intelligent toy box can active the child's thinking, develop children's creativity and expression. Wisdom approximate physical and non-food toy box, it is to beautify the operating items for children, can cause children to experience things by lenovo, imagine, develop their imagination. If a toy telescope can cause children to sailing, mountain climbing, reconnaissance infinite association. Board, JiSu toys can increase a child's ability to analysis, judgement and thinking of sensitivity and the development of the child's creativity and expression. So wise toy box can develop children's intelligence. So how wise toy box use toys to develop children's intelligence? 1, understand the kinds of toys, 1) Toys: JiSu grain, blocks, etc. ( 2) Theme toys, such as dolls, small animals, etc. ( 3) : intelligence toys such as puzzles, plates, boxes, etc. ( 4) Toys, such as sports, music, game ball, rope, tricycles, little horn, tambourine, etc. ( 5) Entertainment, performances, electric toys, such as the hen lay eggs, little monkey drums, headwear, masks, electric train, etc. ( 6) Not molding toys ( Junk when toys) : such as half of the table tennis to do boat, small bowl, small pot, etc. 2, the choice of toys ( 1) Toys to be strong and durable, easy to operate. ( 2) Toys should have education significance, and is the favorite of children. ( 3) Toys to a sense of security: no edges and corners, nail is not exposed, the sound is not sharp. ( 4) Toys to conform to the hygienic conditions: toys as material and color is nontoxic, and easy cleaning. 3, to teach children the proper use of toys. Dad ( Mom) Love of children is often manifested in two aspects of eating and playing, every child would have a lot of toys. How to use the toy is remarkable. ( 1) Whenever a new toy, dad, Mom) The performance of the toy should first teach children, play, and how to take good care of. ( 2) Each use of toys, unfavorable and overmuch, can let the child choose a two kinds of toys, focus on the play. ( 3) Toys adults to give guidance, encouragement and puts forward some requirements. Like father, Mom) Can say, 'baby can play very well today, can play a good variety of game'. If play well to give praise, play up to give guidance. ( 4) Adults to participate in the game. Dad ( Mom) Want to often and children play with toys, participate in the game will give children bring endless fun, especially the board need more adult toys to cooperate. In a word, parents should buy treasure interested in toys, parents should pay attention to at the same time make full use of toys to develop children's intelligence, let the baby play with the smart. Guangzhou tongyao sports equipment co. , LTD. , has a professional design research and development team, according to the actual site and customer requirements tailored character theme amusement park. And to provide indoor and outdoor amusement park overall planning, professional theme decoration design, installation and maintenance and other one-stop services. Provided free of charge for you naughty fort manufacturers, the slide manufacturers, trampoline manufacturer and relevant information distribution and information display, attention please!
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