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drones take flight to aid alberta\'s wild boar war

by:Powerful Toys     2019-12-15
The Alberta provincial government launched an empty war against wild boar.
Alberta Agriculture and forestry officials are using cameras
Equipped with drones, search and finally eliminate hoofed pests in two counties northwest of Edmonton.
They are using it in a pilot project in Lac Ste.
Anne and Woodlands County are seen as hotbeds for wild boar activity, said Perry Abramoff, the department\'s inspector.
\"We have been using several drones to successfully track wild boars in the pilot area,\" he said . \".
The aircraft is particularly effective in winter, says Abramenko.
\"When the snow is deeper, the wild boar will go the same way, which is very obvious in the air,\" he said . \".
\"We don\'t know (the drones)
We will do well in the cold weather, but we are pleasantly surprised.
\"The hunters can then follow the boar to their nest where they are either captured or destroyed at the scene.
Lure the wild boar to an area that is enclosed and sealed, using the stale corn as bait.
Abramo Yanko said that they were then humanely put to practice euthanasia and that their bodies regularly checked for diseases, parasites and pregnancy.
\"We may also be thinking about doing DNA work,\" he said . \".
This method has replaced the practice of killing about 1,135 boars in nine years, but about 15 months ago, the two counties have stopped this practice.
Abramenko said this was considered invalid, mainly due to the cunning reaction of the boarders to the private Hunter.
\"These animals are very smart and they move, disperse, or avoid humans at night,\" he said . \".
The pilot project combines municipalities, scholars and landowners to identify the threat posed by wild boar, which takes root at the same time as spreading the disease and damages the banks and crops.
They are also known for stealing livestock feed.
The deployment of drones and ground-based cameras also helped to form the number of fugitives, which is unprecedented in Alberta, Abramenko said.
\"Alberta has never had any research before.
There is no baseline data on what happened to the wild boar, \"he said.
\"We have no indication that their numbers are decreasing.
Abramo Yanko said his department had received reports about wild boar activity
Part of the province has been expanded.
This may indicate that these animals are spreading throughout Alberta, he said, or \"it may just be that people are becoming more aware of them . \".
The animals escaped from the game farm in their 1990 s and became a problem.
Although the number has declined in recent years, the game farms that raise them are still running most of their products to serve restaurants.
As for drones, the jury has not yet decided whether they will be used more widely, Abramenko said.
\"There is still a lot to be done to get the full benefits of drones,\" he said . \".
He added that there is no plan to weapons the aircraft.
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