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Don't let the inflatable castles and other amusement equipment into children's 'killer'

by:Powerful Toys     2020-04-15
Don't let the inflatable castles and other amusement equipment into children & other; Killer & throughout; On July 12, in the shandong Qingdao cieme, a sudden strong wind, cause a tragedy. A nearly 10 meters tall inflatable castles, rolling with the wind, a 11-year-old boy was playing in the above, by folding the thrown, fell dead. Similarly, also is on the 12th, liaoning dalian xinghai square playground in the moment: 19 tourists & on the other; Fly high & throughout; Large amusement facilities, there is a unexpected accident, tourists stranded 20 meters for hours, until in the fire department, emergency rescue ladder out of the woods yet. Hine law thought: behind every amusement equipment, serious accident, there must be 29 minor accident and 300 attempted aura, as well as 1000 accident hidden trouble. That is to say, any tragedy, is not accidental. For shandong Qingdao cieme the accident, the inflatable castle can be the wind blown down, its construction process, there are construction quality problems, such as obvious. Related to be responsible for builders, & other; Can't contact throughout the &; Also confirmed this. As for the promotion of the business, not only store multiple sublease closed questions, even the subcontract, inflatable castle construction and related activities without approval, the lack of relevant formalities. Afterwards, we tend to have numerous assumptions, as the market, for example, its if can carry on the strict management to the rent out of place and requirements, ban not inflatable castles and other amusement facilities, procedures of construction is expected to avoid the tragedy; As the site of my own, for example, if in strict accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, to find regular playground for construction of inflatable castles, castle, I'm afraid not be wind down; As the builders of the inflatable castles and other amusement facilities, for example, if its in the process of construction, in strict accordance with the standard operation, fully considering the safety, relevant operators and managers can be responsible for the safety inspection and maintenance regularly, & other; Fly high & throughout; Or a sudden failure again?
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