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‘don’t spy on me!’ how to opt out of windows 10’s intrusive defaults

by:Powerful Toys     2019-11-11
After the release of Microsoft\'s new Windows 10 operating system, experts point out that it barely cares about privacy and collects all the information available about you on factory presets, whether it\'s your location history, text messages and any information you share through text messages, personal contacts and calendar notes about your exact date plan, among other things.
Read more: \"Incredible Invasion \": windows 10 monitors you by default \"Microsoft collects privacy policies about you, your devices, apps and networks, and about these devices, apps\" that almost all of us accept not to read and terms and conditions.
\"Examples of data we collect include your name, email address, preferences, and interests;
Browsing, searching and document history;
Telephone, SMS data;
Device Configuration and sensor data;
And application usage.
\"The first thing to think about is targeted advertising bombing and selling unpopular services, what is this.
\"We will access, disclose and keep personal data, including your content (
For example, the content of files in your email, other private communications, or private folders)
When we sincerely believe that it is necessary to do so, \"said the document.
However, nothing is lost.
You have taken many steps to protect your privacy.
After installing the new system on your computer, you can immediately deactivate most shameless default settings and you will never open yourself if someone wants to ask for your opinion.
If you don\'t want to \"volunteer\" to provide your personal data to the Microsoft company database, here\'s what you can do first :-
Read the terms and conditions. For real. -
Turn off some default presets in the new installation system (Settings -Privacy)
As the technology news outlettbgr suggests. -
Disable shared Internet connection via Wi-
Fi, it\'s a bit too generous for everyone outside (
Path: Start menu/change Wi-
Wi-Fi setup/management
Fi set up/off all the boxes you want to keep for yourself). -
Windows 10 will sync your machine with the Microsoft server by default, so web browser history, Wi-
The password, the mobile hotspot, the app you installed, and the Fi network name of the favorites you selected may be stored on their servers forever.
This data \"shared\" should be deactivated \"-in Settings.
Other Windows 10 features to note :-
Windows 10 also generates a unique Microsoft ID for each user on a specific device.
This ID can be used for targeted advertising-whether it\'s an it app or an ad developer, it could end up being a third party and they\'ll come to your laptop and sell what they think you need. -
By default, Windows automatically encrypts the drive installed on it, generating the BitLocker recovery key backed up in the Microsoft OneDrive online account.
This is also done automatically, so be careful with this feature when your device encryption is on. -
All updates from Microsoft need to collect basic information about the installed application and the network you are connected. -
If you choose to use the Cortana search assistant, you should know that this feature will use it to customize any personal information about your online experience.
\"If you open a file, we may collect information about the file, the application used to open the file, and how long it will take to use [of]
For the purpose of improving performance or [if you]
Enter text, we may collect typing characters, we may collect typing characters and use them for purposes such as improving auto-completion and spell-checking functions, \"privacy policies and terms accepted by users and
Windows 10 does contain many very convenient and useful features that do make it easier for you to access the Internet and manage your data than it is now.
However, this is at the expense of a certain degree of loss of privacy, which may be non-voluntary.
But if you have a little doubt, you \'d better make your life a private business-you should go to the Windows 10 Start menu and disable anything that doesn\'t look like it\'s good for public sharing.
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