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does china\'s space blast herald a new arms race?

by:Powerful Toys     2019-12-10
You will think that throwing away the garbage you don\'t want, or even the space garbage you don\'t want, will not let the anger of the world come to you.
But earlier this month, China\'s massive destruction of a scrapped meteorological satellite
A bill that Beijing has yet to formally recognize
This undoubtedly puts the diplomatic world on the brink.
Even Canada, after a little delay, joined the main American-led condemnation army. S.
Britain and Japan. (
The reason for our delay may be related to our having two senior ministers in China, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty and Trade Minister David Emerson trying to mend the relationship. )
At least, the world is saying that China is getting rid of irresponsible gimmicks by throwing rubbish downstream of outer space.
Known as a low Earth orbit, there are thousands of broken tiny piecesup technology.
In the worst case scenario, if Washington takes action to strengthen and defend its own high-ranking Legion, it could trigger a new arms race in outer space.
Flying Bird.
Beijing remains silent-
News of January.
11 The explosion has only recently started leaking-
The reasons for the crackdown are unclear.
What is known about this bill is that China has now entered the ranks of elite countries capable of shooting down an orbiting satellite, in which case, A ballistic missile fired almost one metre wide from thousands of kilometers away.
Only two other countries have launched satellites from the sky. the U. S.
And the former Soviet Union.
This has not been done since the end of 1980.
More importantly, both the United StatesS.
The Soviet Union uses the air.
The missiles were launched to track and chase their prey first.
China\'s feat is even more impressive as it is considered the first country to use land
The missile was launched from a military base in Sichuan province.
Although Chinese technicians may know the exact location of its old weather satellite, this makes the target a bit like a sitting duck.
Weapons experts speculated that China used the so-called kinetic energy killing technology to smash old satellites: referring to missiles without warheads, using advanced tracking instruments, when it landed on the target, the speed accelerated to nearly 1 km kilometers per second.
In this case, the resulting impact is likely to result in approximately 10 cm space debris between 1 and 40,000 in diameter, and about 10 cm debris greater than 800, according to estimates from the United StatesS.
Union of Concerned Scientists
These fragments will now float on the Earth\'s low orbit at a high speed, about 800 to 1,000 kilometers from the Earth, where there are many low orbits.
Military and meteorological satellites flying were positioned. (
The International Space Station is about 400 kilometers higher than Earth, although it may be affected by falling debris at some point. )
This low orbit is an area that has been described by NASA scientists and others as already very serious space waste, with an estimated 60 space crashes.
Main broadband and GPS (
Global Positioning Satellite
Especially those in America. S.
Military uses used to guide its cruise missiles are still on higher tracks --
About 36,000 kilometers from Earth.
Therefore, to achieve them, a projectile with much greater power and accuracy is required. Why now?
There are many reasons why China wants to show its growing military complexity.
It reportedly showered an American soldier last summer. S.
The satellite that launched a laser from Earth is clearly intended to show that it has the technology to defend against suspicious spy satellites.
The China editor of the Asia Times says the latest Star Wars is actually aimed at Taiwan, showing those Taiwanese who are sometimes divided that they don\'t necessarily want to rely on the U.
If there is an outbreak of hostilities with the mainland, technological advantages.
This is probably the case.
But there are several other, though contradictory, prominent reasons.
One is that Beijing actually wants to stop the militarisation of space by showing it to the United States. S.
It is willing to raise the stakes (
Washington was occupied in Iraq).
Chinese President Hu Jintao talked about the impact of China\'s \"peaceful rise\" on prosperity and the world.
For years, China and Russia have been pushing for a treaty banning space weapons, fearing the Cold War --
Like the cost of their national debt, if they have to go with a new U. S.
Star Wars plan.
According to the New Scientist magazine,S.
A counter is being developed
Its own satellite technology, including a robotic spacecraft, can approach a foreign satellite to check its signal and it will be shot down if it is thought to be the opposite of the USS.
National security.
Well, this latest Chinese adventure can be seen on a new, if rarely advertised, U. S.
The space policy issued by the Bush administration in October declared that \"freedom of space action is as important to the United States as air power and maritime power.
\"The policy document also specifically rejected the new international agreement. S.
Test and even use new space weapons.
However, China\'s new satellite killer can also be seen as a sign of muscle by its shady generals --
Peace though-
Their political masters
Even out of inner pride.
No outsider really knows whether there is a power struggle within the Chinese leadership.
But this possibility, more important than the worrying amount of tiny space junk, is the ultimate issue of this possibility --
Known as provocation and long silence in Beijing.
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